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Blog entered 27 March 2014

The following is a complaint made to BT on 27/03/2014 :

Received another one of your "You've used more than 6GB of your 10GB in March" type emails, presumably to panic me into buying more than I need which would only benefit BT profits.

Correct me if I am wrong but when I signed up with BT it was for "unlimited" broadband and I do not recall you moving the goal post, so please let me know when you did move the goal post.

Given the awful, useless and vulnerable to attack Yahoo email system BT subjects customers to, which I believe BT has been aware of and which has caused customers, including myself, a lot of grief, I think you owe me a big apology and a big thank you for putting up with it and remaining with BT for now.

I do expect a reply, and I will post this on my site.

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Email reply 28 March 2014.

According to BT I am on Broadband Option 1 with an allowance of 10GB per month, and BT has in the last few months made changes to when usage alerts are sent. Previously they would have sent alerts when usage got to 70% and then 90%. In the last few months this was changed to 60% and 80%.

BT confirmed my usage has always been around 5GB to 7GB mark and with the changes I am now getting the alert emails. As a curtsey and to avoid a charge for going over. That it is not intended to panic customers or make them upgrade.

On the face of it a reasonable explanation.

The only problem with this explanation is that all the recent alerts have all been near to the end of the month. That if my usage has always been around 5GB to 7GB, I am unlikely to use in excess of 3GB with a day or two left.

That a lot of customers would be panicked into avoiding a charge for going over and would upgrade. That the recent change has probably benefitted BT a lot more financially than some of it's customers. Customers who, like me, were also told they had used more than 6GB of their 10GB in March, without also being told that they had used less than 7GB.



Futher reading :  http://     "BT to be investigated over email data after whistleblower remarks".


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