BENNETT`S FOLLY, 11/11/13.

BENNETT`S FOLLY, 11/11/13.

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Pictures : Top left = Swales Cesspit in 2009 receiving a light trim.

Top right = The democratically elected shrub bed late 2010.

Bottom left = The neglected shrub bed in 2013 when Sanctuary Director Simon Clark stated it was being regularly maintained.

Bottom right = Bennett's Folly 10/11/13. As useless as it's namesake.


                                 BENNETT'S FOLLY

The Overgrown site was originally called Swales Cesspit after criminality by Sanctuary to withold services, deceive tenants and steal weekly Service Charge payments in 2009. Swales Cesspit was then levelled late 2009 and was eventually turned into a low growing shrub bed in 2010 as determined by the tenants.

Although the tenants continued to pay weekly Service Charge payments for weekly grounds maintenance Sanctuary soon began stealing from the tenants and Cornwall Council again by neglecting to maintain the Swales Cesspit shrub bed. As the years passed the shrub bed slowly deteriorated into something resembling a wild unkept landfill site containing all sorts of household paraphernalia.

Despite assurances from Sanctuary Director Simon Clark that the bed was being maintained regularly by Sanctuary's Estates Services Team in 2013, an unqualified assumption or lie, things only slightly improved and we were only slightly less robbed.

The transformation of Swales Cesspit into Bennett's Folly began on 5 November 2013, when the foundations were laid. November 5 marked the 1st Anniversary of CEO David Bennett's abdication of responsibility to his tenants and customers. That having received 52 weekly emails since 5 November 2012, he had failed to address or resolve a single complaint or issue raised.

That this leader of the Charity with a multi million pound turnover and himself paid in excess of £300,000.00 a year for accepting responsibility and accountability, David, the buck stops with me, Bennett is not fit for purpose and should resign his position. That he has wilfully continued to ignore the criminality of his Officers, Managers and Directors and in so doing has lost what integrity and authority he has left to do the job properly and in the interest of his tenants and customers.

Bennett's Folly is probably the greatest example of what is wrong with Sanctuary Housing today. Swales Cesspit grew out of the branches of anti-social behaviour, procedural failures, neglegence, deception and fraud by senior members of Sanctuary staff.

Metaphorically speaking Swales Cesspit will always remain a place where atleast a dozen or more professionals will continue to be incarcerated by their own corrupt actions and with no means of escape. Professionals from Sanctuary Housing, TPAS and even the Police Force, amongst others.

Perhaps one of the most revealing and lasting legacies of Bennett's Folly will be in how badly and arrogantly Sanctuary treats it's tenants. That whoever is responsible for Bennett's Folly had little insight, consideration or respect for the tenants of 2009 who democratically voted to have the plot turned into a low growing shrub bed, and so as to reduce the possibility of plants ever again interfering with two nearby Rotary Driers as was the case in 2009.

That all this white elephant of a construction has succeeded in doing is to reduce the capability and effectiveness of these two Rotary Driers and make it more likely the plants will interfere with items placed on the Rotary Driers because the plants have been raised closer to the lines.

That first and foremost the flats communal area is a workspace for Rotary Driers and is not a place where plants should take precedence because the landlord needs to justify why he demands so much for so little grounds maintenance.

Heavy-duty Rotary Dryers such as these should easily be able to take a king sized duvet and bedding but not any more because both have been handicapped. Expensive Rotary Driers which the tenants paid for and which are no longer fit for purpose. One Rotary Drier being sandwiched between a hedegrow and Bennett's Folly with an eight inch or more overhang on one side and an overhang on the other side, and the other Rotary Drier being positioned even closer to Bennett's Folly with an overhang of approximately eighteen inches or more. That neither Rotary Drier would comply with Hills recommended hoist clearance of 500mm.

I will not be asking Sanctuary who paid for the folly because I already know it will say not the tenants. Meaning it will come from the pot of gold we will start filling next July when the new Service Charge period begins.


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