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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing", Edmund Burke, 1729 - 1797.



34 Timber Close
St Austell

PL25 5NZ

My Ref : GRM/SC/0***

07 October 2013

Dear Mr Clark

Please advise Sanctuary Housing in Devon the weekly Service Charge of £3.13 has been paid into an escrow type account. This follows my advice that I would again pay some or all of the Service Charge into an account if I continued to remain dissatisfied with my landlord.

Please also advise Sanctuary Housing in Devon the weekly Rent of £62.98 has been paid into the same escrow account. This following my advice that I would pay some or all of the Rent into the same account.

This is in response to the systematic failures, abuse and criminality I have been subjected to since 2009 and to protect myself from further failures, abuse and criminality by Sanctuary Housing.

With regard to the Service Charge you will recall I have been paying it "Under Protest" since 2009, and resumed paying it in July 2012, following an earlier period of non payment.

With regard to the Rent you will recall Sanctuary Housing broke whatever legal Contract or Agreement we had in 2009 and thereafter.

I have brought to your attention in previous letters the complaint of August 2009 remains unresolved despite my attempt to use the official Complaints Procedure, and external Mediation Process in 2010, both of which were unlawfully and wilfully abused by my landlord to protect only himself and his staff.

I have also brought to your attention the complaint of 2011, involving discrimination and harassment, remains unresolved despite my attempts to assist the investigation and understand, as victim, why Sanctuary Housing and Cornwall County Council allowed it to continue for 40 long days and nights.

I have also brought to you attention my arrest by Devon & Cornwall Police in 2012 would not have come about had Sanctuary Housing and TPAS not unlawfully fiddled a TPAS Mediation Process to protect TPAS Accredited Sanctuary Housing. An arrest based on flawed written evidence and lies by Ms Lacey and which included a malicious statement by a "Director of Sanctuary" falsely accusing me of being "Dangerous". An arrest which remains ongoing due to an investigation into the conduct of three police officers by the IPCC.

As soon as the complaints of 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 have been resolved to my satisfaction, as resident, customer, complainant and victim, I will release the amount held in the escrow account to you.

I am thereby showing you I am ready, willing and able to pay the amount held in the escrow account to you.

I confirm the amount held in escrow is now in excess of £1,700,00. The Sanctuary Housing Escrow Account, 26/08/2013.

Until Sanctuary Housing deals with the above issues I will continue to bank the rent until such time as I am taken to Court for my actions. Sanctuary has wasted 5 years of my life with it's corrupt management of affairs. Affairs which I will seek to have publicly scrutinised and reported on by the media and the internet.

With regard to the "Notice to Seek Possession" which was hand delivered on 27 June 2013, I seek nothing less than the Court Action you propose. This if only to challenge the discrimination and sense of rejection my wife felt when Sanctuary refused to speak with her, my only witness, during the unresolved 2011 complaint which also implicated Sanctuary's housing partner Cornwall Council, no stranger to engaging in discrimination itself. This also because my wife died later that day and because it is the least I can now do for her to right that wrong.

For the record. I have continued paying the Rent and Service Charge into an Escrow type account and Sanctuary, for whatever reason, has freely chosen not to comply to my conditions or address my concerns and have the amount released to it. With regard to me breaking the terms of the "Tenancy Agreement", whatever Agreement or Contract we had Sanctuary broke when it resorted to criminality in 2009, 2010 and 2011, and 2012 if Sanctuary wrongly and wilfully contributed to my arrest by the police.

Further to the correspondence dated 24 May 2013 regarding 'Changes to your Rent and "Other Charges". I will Appeal the changes in due course and explain to you my reasons for doing so. Based on the 2012 - 2013 period it goes without saying that I will continue to pay the Service Charge "Under Protest" because Sanctuary continues to steal from me, tenants and the local authority as demonstrated by the shrub bed/landfill issue.

In response to Sanctuary wilfully witholding a copy of the Grounds Maintenance Specification from me, including the requested details with only a few days left for me to Appeal the increase/reduction, I regret I have been left with little option but to withold the Service Charge from July 2013 onwards. This applies to the Rent also.

I further confirm receipt of the hand delivered Grounds Maintenance Specification on 27 June 2013, which is unacceptable given the amount of time you had to provide me with a copy. I had a legal right to the Specification sooner and the responsibility for me not receiving it sooner is down to you Mr Clark.

Having now had time to consider the Service Charge for 2013 - 2014, the Grounds Maintenance Specification and reduced maintenance, it is now blatanly obvious why Sanctuary reduced the Service Charge to £3.13 and delayed me receiving the 'Grounds Maintenance Specification'. A response is being prepared and will demonstrate how Sanctuary deceives and profiteers from it's tenants and continually abuses and neglects services the tenants pay for but are denied as far back as 2009.

I today confirm this response is complete and that Sanctuary's weekly Service Charge for 2013 - 2014 is no less fraudulent than it was in 2009, or since.

With regard to the replacement windows/door work and replacement kitchens work carried out in Timber Close, would you please let me know if myself, the tenants or Cornwall Council are contributing in any way towards the cost of the work, labour or materials. I regret having to ask again.

In reply to your letter of 3 June 2013, I can only say that when you, Crawley and Bennett were party to closing my complaint of 2009 without resolve and against my wishes, knowing full well you were in fact punishing the victim of a crime by TPAS for and on behalf of Sanctuary Housing, to protect those you now want me to "engage" with, I can only say in reply what planet do you people live on.

In reply to your letter of 30 August 2013, I refer you, Rosemary Crawley and CEO David Bennett to the contents of the weekly emails you have all been receiving since 2012, and before.

With regard to the contents of Sanctuary Shaftesbury's "Court Action Pending" letter dated 19 August 2013, I made my position quite clear on 27 June 2013 when Sanctuary perversely served notice to seek possession of my home the day my wife died.

Because Sanctuary has only since engaged in further threats bordering on harassment, including the letter of 19 August opened, supported and forwarded by the CEO's office, I can only assume the hand delivered 'Notice' of 27 June was little more than a perverse sick joke with approval from Head Office.

I still look to the courts to protect me from further abuse and criminality by Sanctuary Housing.

With regard to Sanctuary Housing in Devon I still will not "engage" with anyone involved in the criminality of 2009, it's cover-up and further criminality in 2010 which you, Crawley and Bennett have been kept fully informed of. When the Board closed my complaint of 2009 unresolved and against my wishes the Board accepted responsiblity for the criminality of it's staff.

With regard to the shrub bed/landfill I can report the gardner has not touched this area for a number of weeks despite the 2012 - 2013 Grounds Maintenance Specification. The gardener's visits to the estate are now becoming infrequent despite growth being quicker at this time of year.

With regard to the recent activity reported to you involving a tenant and the shrub bed/landfill area I still await your confirmation as to who is responsible for this area since it has bearing on the Service Charge we pay.

With regard to the tenant which lives ***** ** perhaps you will confirm once and for all if she satisfied the advertised criteria regarding "Preference given to applicants needing a wheelchair friendly shower room" ?, and that Sanctuary and Cornwall County Council did not discriminate against the disabled leading up to the Complaint of 2011 and subsequent discrimination against the mentally ill, my wife, before closing that complaint.

I previously reported no grounds maintenance was carried out at Timber Close week ending 7 July 2013 despite the Grounds Maintenance Specification 2013/14 for "Timber Close" indicating a number of jobs which required weekly maintenance. That Sanctuary had already begun to steal from myself, the tenants and the Local Authority in the new 2013/14 period.

I also recently reported that no grounds maintenance was carried out at Timber Close week ending 4 August 2013 despite the Grounds Maintenance Specification 2013/14 for "Timber Close" indicating a number of jobs which required weekly maintenance including the removal of litter from the estate and now that the schools are shut. If I was not already witholding the Service Charge I would certainly begin to withold the Service Charge.

I have advised Cornwall Council but it has yet to reply. I find it obscene that Sanctuary Housing can twice steal from myself, the tenants and the Council within the first month of the new 2013/14 period.

I would like today, 23 September 2013, to suggest the gardner in future posts the time of arrival through my letter box and again when he leaves in order for us, the tenants, to know how long he spent maintaining the scheme. I regret having to ask again.

I previously reported that rubbish was being left outside the Bin Store and now confirm this has continued every week since. I will continue to monitor Sanctuary's neglect to stop it happening.

Further to this Carnon was on site 27/09/13 and there were a number of bags in the flats communal area and loose foodstuffs packaging which remained after he left. The next collection date is 2/10/13.

Further to this, the bags of rubbish were collected on 2/10/13 by the Council but the loose foodstuffs packaging remains littered around the flats area. This means no Sanctuary visit was made last week despite the Grounds Maintenance Specification and Sanctuary has again taken money under false pretences which I will again advise the Benefit Fraud Office of.

With regard to the crack in the wall I again repeat would you please let me know who "assured" you this crack will have no impact on number 36 or to my home on the other side of that wall. That is to say the person or persons qualified enough to determine the wall was not unsafe before the cover-up of it within hours of it causing some concern. Whilst you may wish to hide behind confidentiality I repeat I will report this matter if I remain unhappy with your less than transparent evasiveness.

With regard to the following I make no apology for repeating myself yet again and will continue to do so until such time as I receive an adequate reply and explanation.

With regard to the noise issue the point I was making was Sanctuary's abuse of the term "essential" when in fact it was a matter of choice. I reject any notion I was being subjected to very loud and noisy power tools because my neighbours chose to have new kitchens. That in some way it was their fault for wanting a new kitchen. Had the workmen used non electric tools there would not have been a problem. That I had a lawful right to live in my home in peace and the landlord had a duty not to subject me to excessive and prolonged noise nuisance if it could have been avoided, which it could have been.

With regard to the doorbell issue I find your comments on behalf of Sanctuary utterly ridiculous and groundless. No doorbells were removed by Anglian Windows because Anglian dumped them while still affixed to their frames. Nothing was wrong with my doorbell but it was replaced with a new one. Just stuck on presumably because Anglian had run out of screws. My friend at number 36 with cancer had a doorbell until Anglian dumped it and Sanctuary finally replaced it earlier this year. Sanctuary had a duty to check the work was complete before Anglian Windows left the site. Sanctuary not only did not inspect the work but now blames the residents for not having doorbells. How pathetic is that.

I calculate Anglian Windows did not return atleast a third of the doorbells it dumped. Your statement that tenants, some vulnerable, are welcome to install their own doorbells, doorbells which would normally be done by a qualified electrician, and which would not be Sanctuary's responsibility, is not only dangerous but grossly negligent. The properties had doorbells provided by and belonging to Sanctuary when the tenants moved in and it is Sanctuary's responsibility to ensure tenants still have doorbell.

For the record CEO David Bennett, yourself and Ms Crawley have been kept informed every week since 5th November 2012 that some properties still do not have a doorbell. I can report today that little has changed and each and everyone of you will be called to account.

My offer to provide Sanctuary with the required doorbells free of charge if Sanctuary will install them is still open, please let me know. I regret having to repeat myself again and again etc. Do you accept my kind offer ?

With regard to the falling cement issue from the side of the roof tiles, reported to Sanctuary over a year and a half ago, please advise why this problem has still not yet been dealt with. Would it help if the tenants organised a car boot to help Sanctuary pay for the work which needs doing ?

In response to criminality and unresolved issues involving Swales and Keeley my contact with Sanctuary Housing in Devon remains severed and I will continue not to accept any further correspondence or emails directly from Sanctuary Housing in Devon.

If any correspondence proves detrimental to me as a result of it being forwarded to the CEO unopened, you will be responsible for that Mr Clark. Assuming you received the shrub bed misinformation from Devon I believe this further supports my reasons for having nothing to do with the corrupt management you support, protect and are responsible for.

I today report that I received a letter from Sanctuary Shaftesbury this week with a watermark date of "19.08.13". This letter was forwarded unopened to the CEO for his attention. Thank you for once again allowing me the opportunity to obtain proof the CEO's office not only received it, and previous letters, but also received an enclosed copy of last weeks email to you and Crawley dated 19 August 2013, by way of explanation.

I today report that despite last week's report I received another letter from Sanctuary Shaftesbury this week watermark dated "29.08.13". This letter will be forwarded unopened to the CEO for his attention. Thank you once again for offering me yet another opportunity to obtain proof the CEO's office will not only receive this unopened letter but will also receive a copy of this email to you and Crawley dated 2 September 2013, by way of explanation.

I today report that despite the above I received yet another letter from Sanctuary Shaftesbury this week watermark dated "17.09.13". This letter will be forwarded unopened to the CEO and is further proof you, Crawley and Bennett condone these threats which began the day my wife died over 3 months ago.

To mark Thelma Stober joining Sanctuary's Group Board on 18th September 2013, I have copied her a copy of the 23/09/13 email. Although one would rightly expect another Sanctuary Group Board member with a legal background to stop Sanctuary's ongoing criminality, Crawley never did so I guess it's business as usual.

I trust the DPA SAR is by now under way and I can only hope Sanctuary will not corrupt this in any way or withold any information I am entitled to under the Act.

Future emails/complaints addressed to you will be dealt with and replied to by you. If this does not happen correspondence will be sent directly to Mr Bennett.

I hold the Chief Executive Officer, David Bennett, responsible for the above and ask you to ensure Mr Bennett receives a copy of this email.

Yours sincerely

G R McLaughlin


"For Complicity" Recipients : David Bennett FCA, CCMI. Craig Moule BSc Hons. Ian McDermott BSc Hons, MRICS, MCIH, PGDip. John Doughty FFA. Jonathan Lander BSc Hons, FCA. Liz Meek CBE, BA Hons. Nick Baldwin BSc, MSc, CEng, CDir, FIMechE, FIET, FRSA. Robert McComb MSc. Thelma Stober BA (Hons) Law, CEDR Accredited Mediator.Simon Clark BA Hons. Richard Keeley, Regional Director, Devon. Janet Swales. Robert Carnon. Rosemary Crawley JP, SRN, SCM M Soc Sci.

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