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Blog entered 17 September 2013



Made a Data Protection Act Subject Access Request (DPA SAR) to Cornwall Council on Saturday 14 September 2013, and included a £10.00 cheque. Received an email today from the Cornwall Council Data Protection Administrator who included a Subject Access Request Form download and an instruction letter.

Began filling in the 4 page form and immediately encountered a problem. The 2nd question on page 1 asked if I was a current employee of Cornwall Council ? which I am not. However if you tick the "No" box you are asked to go to page 2. The problem with this is you are directed away from giving your personal details, name, address, post code, email address, telephone number etc., which follows the 2nd question on page 1.

I queried this with the Council's Data Protection Administrator by email and suggested the DPA SAR Form was misleading. In reply I was thanked for my comments and advised the form was being reviewed at the present time, and that it was not their intention to mislead all delay a request for access to personal information.

In reply I asked if there was some reason why the DPA SAR Form was being reviewed at the present time, and asked if the Form had caused Cornwall Council or applicants problems prior to my comments ?

In reply the Administrator advised the form is being reviewed due to an upcoming change in location. That neither the Council nor their customers have experienced any problems with the form. That all I need do is complete pages 1 and 3.

Because I believe the form must have caused problems and delays to other members of the public, I would like to hear from anyone who has made a Subject Access Request to Cornwall Council and whether or not there were any problems.

Follow-up : February 2014. Although Cornwall Council provided me with requested Data within the 40 day time limit, the Council sent me nothing held by it's housing company Homechoice. Although I then made a separate application/payment my cheque and Homechoice Data was sent to me many weeks beyond the original 40 time limit. It would appear the Council was waiting for it's company to tell it who was responsible for providing me with it's company's information - duh.

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