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Blog entered Monday 26 August 2013.


In August 2009 an official complaint was opened by Sanctuary Housing and Janet Swales, then Area Manager, was given responsibility to investigate the issues. Because Swales and her Service Delivery Officer were largely responsible for the complaints being made the investigation was somewhat one sided and served only to protect Swales, the Officer and Sanctuary Housing. The complaints concerned procedural failures, negligence, anti-social behaviour, deception and other forms of criminality including theft upon me, the residents and Cornwall Council by Sanctuary Housing.

In an unlawful attempt to bury the issues Regional Director Richard Keeley, for and on behalf of Sanctuary Housing, paid TPAS, Tenant Participation Advisory Service, to protect Sanctuary. This because Sanctuary was a flagship TPAS Accredited Landlord. In response TPAS organized a Mediation Scam in 2010 to protect Sanctuary, con the resident, myself, and bury the issues once and for all.

Because the TPAS Mediation Scam was rumbled, and later acknowledged as a "mistake" by Sanctuary itself, both Sanctuary and TPAS have since done nothing to correct this injustice or criminality upon me. In December 2011 Sanctuary Director Simon Clark closed my then 800 + day old complaint unresolved and against my wishes to protect only Sanctuary Housing.

Since 2010 I have been harassed by Sanctuary and Cornwall Council to force me out of my home and which also included discrimination and Cornwall Homechoice applicants being conned and cheated by Sanctuary and the Council.

In 2012 I was arrested by the police who were acting for and on behalf of the TPAS Mediator who lodged a complaint against me. The police had no evidence and 3 officers are still presently being investigated by the IPCC.

The picture shows the amount of Rent and Service Charge payed into an Escrow Account every week. This money belongs to Sanctuary Housing but is conditional on it first resolving my complaints and concerns since 2009 properly, as outlined in my email to Sanctuary every Monday morning.

A copy email is always sent to Sanctuary Group Board member Rosemary Crawley, a judge, and a request is always made for Sanctuary's CEO David Bennett to receive a copy. Copies of random Monday emails can be found mostly in the "Sanctuary Housing" link, the last being"29/07/2013".


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