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Trophy Winner for Monday 12th August 2013 goes to Diane Parsons formerley of Sanctuary Housing and now working for  Guinness Hermitage.

Diane's name recently cropped up again so I thought it was time to tell you a bit more about her.

Regular readers will recall it was Diane Parsons, Sanctuary Housing's representative, who kept out of view until after the TPAS Mediation Scam had begun in 2010. This to ensure I would be kept in the dark for as long as possible for the Scam to work.

So what was Diane's role on behalf of Sanctuary Housing ?

According to Oonah Lacey, then TPAS Mediator and responsible for the Scam, Diane attended mediation "to advise on details of the case related to one complaint regards grounds maintenance and trimming of trees affecting external washing lines", unquote.

So Diane's role was as a maintenance/gardener type person perhaps ?

To further narrow down Diane's role within Sanctuary Housing, Oonah Lacey provided the following explanations : that Diane was possibly a "Sanctuary Housing Officer", was a "member of Sanctuary staff", was a "staff member", was "this officer" and was a "Sanctuary officer", unquote.

So Diane was at most a Sanctuary officer and at least a member of staff ?

The above quotes were all taken from Oonah Lacey's written statement/complaint to the police which led to me being arrested in 2012. An arrest which the IPCC is still investigating because 3 police officers had no grounds or evidence to arrest or detain me or lock me up in a cell.

To recap : Diane Parsons attended the Scam to advise on one complaint regarding maintenance and gardening, and was an officer of some sort and a member of staff within Sanctuary Housing.

In reality the person who attended the Scam to advise on one complaint regarding maintenance and gardening was one Diane Parsons MCMI, Business Support Manager for Sanctuary Housing, with 30 years experience of working in housing. A Senior figure within Sanctuary Housing who commented upon and supported Oonah Lacey's lead on every issue raised except those they did not want to discuss. A Senior figure with 10 years more experience of working in housing than Oonah Lacey.

This somewhat conned, deceived, misled, lied-to, cheated, pissed on, shit on and abused sort of Trophy therefore goes to Diane Parsons for being a no lesser lump of doggy doo on my shoe than Oonah Lacey, for and on behalf of Sanctuary Housing and TPAS.




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