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          IN MEMORY OF MY WIFE ALISON 12/03/1959 ~ 27/06/2013, RIP. 

                                   STILL MISS YOU LOTS ALI  XXXX



27 June 2013

Today I have been given a "Notice Of Seeking Possession" by Sanctuary Housing for Arrears of £728.05. The amount, as Sanctuary Housing knows, is in a bank account and awaiting compliance by Sanctuary Housing to resolve a number of issues before I will release the money to Sanctuary Housing. Sanctuary Housing's timing is what one would expect from 'The Bastards of Worcester' in that my wife who I was caring for in my flat last week has terminal Cancer and has only hours left to live in Treliske Hospital, Cornwall. If Sanctuary Housing reads this message my message to it is go **** yourselves.

Sanctuary Housing Officer Robert Carnon signed the "Notice" for breaking the terms of my Tenancy Agreement and it was Mr Carnon himself who was instrumental in protecting an anti-social tenant who TWICE broke her Tenancy Agreement and made my life hell during the "40 Days of Hell" complaint in 2011. This because the tenant was under the protection of Cornwall County Council and because Sanctuary Housing wanted me harrassed out of my home for a failed mediation Scam by it and TPAS.

Mr Carnon eventually closed the complaint due to insufficient evidence despite being told I had a witness. To this day my witness, my wife, continues to feel insulted and dissapointed with the discrimination she was shown due to her mental illness. An illness which did not prevent my wife being a very intelligent person and an extremely honest one, not that Carnon cared about that.

Sanctuary Housing considered the issue of discrimination very serious then buried it to protect only itself. Something Sanctuary Housing has been doing since 2009, when it deceived and cheated the tenants and the Council out of thousands of pounds.

Cornwall County Council also knows how to discriminate against the mentally ill and the disabled as it's improper welfare priority assessment last year will demonstrate. To this day my wife still has "Low Priority" eventhough Cornwall Council knew her mental health was deteriorating last year and that she now has inoperable bowel Cancer and a tumour on her liver. Even junkies, alcoholics and young girl's who cannot keep their legs together and who all made a lifechoice decision get better treatment and priority than the mentally ill and the disabled. It isn't just one councillor who wants disabled people to be put down the whole bloody Council does.

At approximately 7.20pm this evening my wife Alison died of Cancer at Treliske Hospital. Rest in Peace Ali, the bastards cannot discriminate or abuse you anymore.

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