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The photo taken yesterday (28th) shows the shrub bed following maintenance on Tuesday 23rd April 2013 by Sanctuary Estates Services. Compared to last week's photo readers will note the dead foliage has been removed and the jolly green giant central "shrub" has been pruned. Readers will also notice Dave the Gnome has returned.


Trophy Winner for Monday 29th April 2013 goes once again to Simon Clark, Managing Director - Sanctuary Housing Services.

Trophy awarded to Simon for failing to clarify why the Sanctuary Estates Services Team failed to maintain the shrub bed for over a year in-accordance with the Grounds Maintenance Specification ?

Although Simon said he did not have "any cause for concern with the standard of works", eventhough no work was undertaken for over a year despite the Grounds Maintenance Specification, Simon has since offered no further explanation or clarification.

Simon has also failed to explain how much money Sanctuary cheated the tenants and the Local Authority out of this time by way of the weekly Service Charge which would have included maintainance of the shrub bed ?

With further regard "with the standard of work" perhaps Simon will explain why the piece of metal drying frame, potted flowers and other non shrub plants and rubbish still remain in the shrub bed following grounds maintenance on 23rd April 2013. This in view of the fact the shrub bed is the sole responsibility of Sanctuary's Estates Services Team according to Simon.

Sanctuary's own records prove the tenants voted for a shrub bed. Nothing more nothing less.

This area of land became a shrub bed because Janet Swales, then Area Manager with Sanctuary S/W, deceived the tenants with an unlawful questionnaire to cover up negligence by Sanctuary throughout 2009. This neglect amounted to Sanctuary stealing £3,000,00 from tenants and the Local Authority by way of the weekly Service Charge for Services it failed to provide.

This area of land was levelled in late 2009 due to months of anti-social behaviour and neglect. "Swales Cesspit", metaphorically speaking, then grew larger and deeper as Officers, Managers, Directors, Consultants, Chief Executive Officers and even Police Officers fell into the Cesspit while attempting to protect Sanctuary and it's staff despite overwhelming evidence of corruption.

To date there are over a dozen so-called professionals languishing in Swales Cesspit all wondering how this will end and if they will come out of it smelling of manure or really bad shit. Time will tell.

This somewhat cold, smelly, damp, decaying and turd covered Trophy is awarded to Simon for his contributions to Swales Cesspit, bullying and blackmail. Well done you if you really think they are qualities to be proud of.

Footnote : As small as this area of land is it represents everything which is rotten and corrupt about Sanctuary Housing.


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