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8th April 2013

The following copy email is the latest of a series of emails I have sent Sanctuary Housing every Monday morning since 2012.

My reason for publishing a copy of this email is because Sanctuary has not acknowledged I am paying the Service Charge and part of the Rent into a Bank Account. That I will release the money held back as soon as my complaints since 2009 have been resolved to my satisfaction as resident, customer, complainant and victim.


34 Timber Close
St Austell

PL25 5NZ

My Ref : GRM/SC/XX68

8th April 2013

Dear Mr Clark

Please advise Sanctuary Housing in Devon the weekly Service Charge of £3.70 has been paid into a bank account. This follows my recent advice that I would again withold some or all of the Service Charge if I continued to remain dissatisfied with my landlord.

Please also advise Sanctuary Housing in Devon the weekly Rent has been reduced to £30.00 and the amount held back has been paid into the same bank account. This following my recent advice that I would withold some or all of the Rent.

This is in response to the systematic failures and abuse I have been subjected to since 2009 and to protect myself from further failures and abuse by Sanctuary Housing.

With regard to the Service Charge you will recall I have been paying it "Under Protest" since 2009, and resumed paying it in July 2012, following an earlier period of non payment.

With regard to the Rent you will recall Sanctuary Housing broke whatever legal Contract or Agreement we had in 2009 and thereafter.

I have brought to your attention in previous letters the complaint of August 2009 remains unresolved despite my attempt to use the official Complaints Procedure, and external Mediation Process in 2010, both of which were unlawfully and wilfully abused by my landlord to protect only himself and his staff.

I have also brought to your attention the complaint of 2011 remains unresolved despite my attempts to assist the investigation and understand, as victim, why Sanctuary Housing and Cornwall County Council allowed it to continue for 40 long days and nights.

I have also brought to you attention my arrest by Devon & Cornwall Police in 2012 would not have come about had Sanctuary Housing and TPAS not unlawfully fiddled a TPAS Mediation Process to protect TPAS Accredited Sanctuary Housing. An arrest based on flawed written evidence and lies by Ms Lacey and which included a malicious statement by a "Director of Sanctuary" falsely accusing me of being "Dangerous". An arrest which remains ongoing due to an investigation shortly into the conduct of three police officers by the IPCC.

As soon as the complaints of 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 have been resolved to my satisfaction, as resident, customer, complainant and victim, I will release the amount held back to you.

I am thereby showing you I am ready, willing and able to pay the amounts held back.

With regard to Ms Ripley's Stage One Complaint investigation I see nothing to be gained in continuing with a complaints procedure which seeks only to misinterpret and fragment a statement in order to protect the "Director of Sanctuary" who stated I was "dangerous" in a complaint to the Police. Ms Ripley's brief was obviously to protect Sanctuary and one of it's Directors and prove once again that Sanctuary's complaints procedure exists only to protect the failures and abuses of Sanctuary Housing.

For the record Ms Ripley I did not attend Mediation. I attended a meeting which I arranged, including the venue, for an informal one to one meeting with a TPAS Mediator to discuss my complaint and to learn about mediation. Diane Parsons, like a sneaky thief, kept out of view until after the meeting had started.

I did not consent to Mediation and the proprietor of the cafe did not consent to a process of Mediation taking place on the premises by two wealthy but tacky and underhanded Organisations. At no time was I advised it was Mediation until the end when Lacey advised me a Mediation Report would follow and which resulted in my formal complaint within 24 hours of the meeting ending.

At no time leading up to that meeting did Oonah Lacey, Diane Parsons, TPAS or Sanctuary Housing advise me they had changed my plans to include a Senior Manager of Sanctuary Housing attending. The reason why I was wilfully kept in the dark was because the meeting was a Scam to protect Sanctuary and to bury my complaint of 2009. Advising me beforehand via email would have taken less than a minute.

Although Lacey deserved to be sacked for alleged fraud in 2011, I do not believe Guinness Hermitage deserves to be encumbered with Parsons. Both Lacey and Parsons are untrustworthy and deserve to be treated in the same way decent people treat garbage.

Until Sanctuary Housing deals with the above I will continue to reduce the Rent until such time as I am taken to Court for my actions. Sanctuary has wasted 5 years of my life with it's corrupt management of affairs. Affairs which I will seek to have publicly scrutinised and reported on by the media and the internet.

With regard to the scrub bed issue I still wish to know if this neglected area is the responsibility of No XX, and if the rest of the tenants and the Council are still being deceived into paying for it's regular upkeep despite the fact it has remained neglected for over a year. The questionnaire in 2009, the act of democracy, or the Deed of Deception if you prefer, made no mention this area of land would then be given back to the very same tenant responsible for months of anti-social behaviour in 2009 which the landlord failed to address despite written complaints. This being one of the issues Keeley promised would be discussed in Mediation and which you Simon Clark closed in 2011 unresolved and against my wishes.

With regard to the wooden shed/eyesore issue which remains without Planning Permission, so as to deny the tenants formally objecting to it remaining, please let me know if it is Sanctuary's intention to continue to deny tenants a democratic voice on the issue.

Although Cornwall Council protected Sanctuary, in not insisting retrospective Planning Permission be obtained, the Fire Officer's Report and Investigation remains flawed and unsafe because the Officer neglected to record or observe, by accident or by design, that a combustable hedge and trunking were also in close and dangerous proximity to the shed.

With regard to the crack in the wall at No XX, I still await an update.

I also still wish to know if Sanctuary was contacted for advice regarding this crack on Thursday 14th February 2013 by a site worker.

With regard to the noise issue I still wish to know where it states in the tenancy agreement that the landlord is entitled to subject a tenant to excessive and prolonged noise nuisance and disruption and without warning for non "essential" work. Non essential in that tenants were offered a choice if they wanted the work done. In this respect Keeley was dishonest to use the term "essential" so as to avoid paying out compensation. Sanctuary Housing itself remains dishonest in not disagreeing with Keeley's statement.

With regard to the doorbell issue I still await your confirmation if you uphold Keeley's statement that "We are not responsible for providing tenants with doorbells.", unquote. This despite the fact the properties had doorbells provided by and belonging to Sanctuary when the tenants moved in.

For the record CEO David Bennett, yourself and Ms Crawley and have been kept informed every week since 5th November 2012 that some properties still do not have a doorbell. I can report today that little has changed and you will be called to account.

In response to issues and unresolved issues involving Swales and Keeley my contact with Sanctuary Housing in Devon remains severed and I will continue not to accept any further correspondence or emails directly from Sanctuary Housing in Devon.

Future emails/complaints addressed to you will be dealt with and replied to by you. If this does not happen correspondence will be sent directly to Mr Bennett.

I hold the Chief Executive Officer, David Bennett, responsible for the above and ask you to ensure Mr Bennett receives a copy of this email.

Yours sincerely

G R McLaughlin

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