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Trophy Winner for Monday 28th January 2013, goes to Richard Keeley, Regional Director, Sanctuary Housing.

Trophy awarded for Richard's recent bout of memory loss when he was asked by Devon & Cornwall Constabulary why the relationship between myself and Sanctuary Housing broke down in 2009.

To help you remember Richard please accept the following :

Throughout most of 2009 Sanctuary Housing, Exeter, witheld services but continued to take weekly Service Charge payments. Based on a TPAS calculation in 2010 Sanctuary Housing robbed working tenants and the Local Authority out of over £3,000.00.

To cover this up Janet Swales, then Sanctuary Housing Area Manager, devised a questionnaire with colleague Michael Howarth, Community Developement Officer, for the purposes of unlawfully deceiving tenants whilst continuing to rob them and the Local Authority.

I lodged a complaint in 2009 then spent some 800 days blocked on Sanctuary Housing's Complaints Procedure.

During this time Richard you blackmailed me into Mediation which turned out to be a Scam by TPAS to protect TPAS Accredited Sanctuary Housing and your corrupt staff. A Scam you arranged Richard and which Sanctuary Housing paid for.

In haste to bury my complaint TPAS neglected to obtain my formal agreement to enter into TPAS Mediation and the whole dirty rotten and corrupt business was scuppered. Your boss, Simon "Bully Boy" Clark, Sanctuary Group Board Director, confirmed this in 2011 eventhough it exposed TPAS CEO Michelle Reid as being a liar and a cheat when she protected her corrupt mediator/consultant who later parted TPAS under dubious circumstances.

Regretfully "Bully Boy" then preceded to blackmail me back to the original 800 day old complaint or he would close it. Towards the end of 2011 "Bully Boy" closed my complaint unresolved and against my wishes.

Although Devon & Cornwall Constabulary is aware of most of the above Richard I believe it will most certainly continue protecting criminal sewar rats like you, Sanctuary Housing and TPAS before any victims. This because if it does not it will find itself in even more doggy-doo than the doggy-doo it is already in.

This somewhat corrupt, conned, cheated, deceived, swindled, bent and crooked sort of Trophy therefore goes to Richard Keeley, and Sanctuary's CEO David Bennett, for introducing a Scam so toxic that it continues to corrupt and infect every professional who comes into contact with it and every professional who attemptes to cover it up.

Footnote : Hope your memory is better now Richard.


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