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Special End of the year Trophy for Monday 31st December 2012 is awarded to all those who have proved themselves to be worthless enough to be associated with the Trophy.

To David Bennett, CEO of Sanctuary Housing, for willfull blindness in not tackling corruption by Officers, Managers and Directors of Sanctuary Housing regarding a mediation Scam which it financed and was conducted by TPAS. Also for threatening me with legal action following a failed attempt by an ex-TPAS employee to take me to Court earlier this year.

(My wish for 2013 is that this nasty and uncaring "Profits Before People" corrupt Charity will be broken up to prevent it becoming an even nastier, more uncaring and more corrupt charity in the future)

To the ex-TPAS employee, who was fired or resigned and cannot be named for legal reasons, for having me arrested in April for my internet activities against her, TPAS, and TPAS Accredited Sanctuary Housing. An ex-TPAS employee who avoided perjuring herself but abused the police service to the extent the IPCC is involved and 3 police personnel are under investigation.

(My wish for 2013 is that she will be invited to attend a Court of Law)

To Simon Clark, Managing Director, Sanctuary Housing Services, for protecting the corrupt management at Sanctuary Shaftesbury in Devon, and for no longer dealing with my complaints in accordance with Sanctuary's own complaints procedure because his only strategy is to bully, make threats and blackmail.

(My wish for 2013 is that Simon and all those on the Sanctuary Group Board will be recognised for corruption and willful blindness)

To Cornwall County Council for thinking it of greater importance to protect it's housing partner Sanctuary Housing than to protect the public interest. That it cannot be wholesome for Cornwall County Council to be so blatantly and perversely in bed with such a corrupt Charity. A Charity which even Members of Parliament have expressed concerns over.

(My wish for 2013 is that the Council/Sanctuary will stop abusing Cornwall Homechoice/applicants and will stop discriminating against the mentally ill and the physically disabled by rewarding greater priority to those who made lifechoice decisions and those who jump the housing queue completely)

To TPAS for breaking the law in 2010 to protect TPAS Accredited Sanctuary Housing.

(My wish for 2013 is that TPAS will no longer wait for it's corrupt CEO Michelle Reid to go and will get rid of her. Lying and cheating is not an honourable thing to do and serves only to damage rather than protect)

This somewhat murky, corrupted, unlawful and toxic Trophy in the shape of a cesspit therefore goes to CEO David Bennett, Sanctuary Director Simon Clark and others, an ex-TPAS Mediator, Cornwall County Council, CEO Michelle Reid and TPAS, to acknowledge Corruption in the UK is rife and the above are not worthy of respect.


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