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Blog entered 23rd September 2012.

I have been having a number of problems with Tesco lately and mostly connected with their delivery service.

Had a delivery this week and apart from rejecting a couple of substitutions everything appeared to have gone without incident.

Opened the bag of delivered "Tesco 20 Thick Pork & Beef Sausages" friday morning to have a few for breakfast and noticed the sausages visibly looked thinner than the last ones I had. Checked the bag weight and was surprised to see it was 900g and not the "1kg" I had ordered and paid for. That the amount was therefore 1/10th less than what it should have been and the equivalent to paying 20 pence too much.

Checked the delivery receipt which stated I had been sent a "1kg" bag and charged "£2.00". Checked the Tesco website to be sure I hadn't made a mistake and it clearly stated "1kg" for "£2.00", though on the supplied image 900g can just about be made out.

Sent a complaint to Tesco Customer Services that morning and did not receive the usual confirmation email to say they had received it. Repeated the email that evening and again did not receive a confirmation email.

Checked the Tesco Website this morning and noticed "1kg" for "£2.00" was still being advertised with the 900g bag image.

Having retreived my previous empty "1kg" bag from the dustbin I also made the following observations :

1kg Best before end = JUN 2013     900g Best before end = SEP 2013    (This indicates there are probably bags of both weights in circulation at the same time).

1kg bag 2 grilled sausages = Calories 180 / 9%      900g bag = Calories 195 / 10%

                                                       Sugar 1.1g / 1%                               Sugar 0.5g / 1%

                                                        Fat 10.7g / 15%                               Fat 13.5g / 19%

                                                        Saturates 4.2g / 21%                     Saturates 5.4g / 27%

                                                        Salt 0.9g / 15%                                Salt 0.5g / 8%

Although both bags each contained 20 Sausages I find it quite remarkable, if not misleading, that 2 grilled thinner sausages found in the 900g bag have more Calories, Fats and Saturates, than 2 grilled thick and heavier sausages found in the 1kg bag.

Sent Tescos another email today and I am unhappy that it will not, by accident or by design, even confirm my complaint let alone answer it.

So just how many customers have received a 900g bag when they should have received a 1kg bag since I first brought it to Tescos attention two days ago ?

I feel pretty sure Tesco is not alone in this less than transparent practise.

Update : Received 2 emails on Monday 24th September 2012 from a Lauren Slatter, Customer Service Manager, confirming the contents of my email of complaint dated 21st September 2012. Apologised for the delay and appreciated how misleading it was and put it down to a "mistype". Advised me she had refunded £2.00 back on to the card I used. Said she had forwarded the details of the error to the Business Support Team to ensure the error would be corrected on the website as soon as possible.

Had a look on the website at 9.00am on Tuesday 25th September 2012 and the "1Kg" error had not been corrected. Had another look on the website in the afternoon at 1.30pm and the error had been corrected to read "900G". Thank you Ms Slatter.


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