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Trophy Winner for Monday 27th August 2012 goes to the Cornwall Council for twice turning a blind eye to Sanctuary Housing not having Planning Permission Approval.

Readers will recall Sanctuary Housing permitted the erection of a wooden shed at Timber Close, St Austell, a few months ago without first obtaining planning permission. This despite Sanctuary Housing's surveyor David Langmead determining it did not need planning permission and was not a fire risk.

According to Chris Cooper-Young, Principal Developement Officer (Enforcement), Planning and Regeneration, Cornwall Council, "planning permission is required". Unfortunately that was nearly two months ago and no "Enforcement" has taken place

Despite reminders and a spate of 'annual leaves', dependant on who you talk to, Mr Cooper-Young has failed to do anything and has failed to reply to my correspondence despite time limits and me being the complainant/objector and him being a local public servant.

The other breach concerns the planning permission Sanctuary Housing was granted in 2011, for the replacement of UPVC windows and doors for 1 - 46 Timber Close, St Austell.

Readers will recall the work was carried out earlier this year which led to atleast one Trophy Award for the lack of outside sanitary arrangements other than bushes.

During this work Sanctuary Housing's other properties in Gover Road, opposite Timber Close, also had their old UPVC windows and doors replaced which I have been unable to find any planning permission for despite asking the Council's planning department.

This somewhat planned and regenerated UPVC enforced kind of Trophy therefore goes to Cornwall Council for looking favourably on those it is in partnership with.

Footnote : Should Cornwall Council find Planning Permission Approval for this work in Gover Road and let me know I will be more than happy, subject to a young outlook and annual leaves, to update the blog.

Update : Following investigation by Mr Cooper-Young I can report that Planning Permission was not required for the Gover Road properties (Ref : 97/20/00069), because there was no restrictive conditions placed upon the 7 dwelling houses. This is excellent news and has enabled me to focus my attention on more important matters.



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