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Trophy Award Winner for Monday 7th May 2012, goes to the management team at Sanctuary Housing, Exeter.

Trophy awarded to Sanctuary Housing, a charity, for discriminating against the disabled and for misleading the public. This when it failed to inform Cornwall Housing that a flat belonging to Sanctuary Housing was a Ground Floor flat, had a specially adapted bathroom, and did not appear in a photograph they used.

The problem began when the flat was advertised on the 'Cornwall Homechoice' website and in the 'Western Morning News', Ref No : 2797, between 18/12/2010 and 22/12/2010, which received 71 bids. The property was wrongly advertised as a '1st Floor Flat', neglected to mention it had a specially adapted bathroom, and misled the public in using a photograph which showed houses.

According to Michelle Pattison, Complaints Co-ordinator, Cornwall Housing Limited, Mr Jon Warner, Housing Needs Manager, has looked into the advertising and advised the details of the advertisement were directly input by Sanctuary themselves. That Cornwall Housing would not have been aware the flat was a Ground Floor Flat or that it had a specially adapted bathroom. Sanctuary Housing was therefore responsible for witholding this information from Cornwall Housing and from the public.

The flat eventually went to a young person with no need of the 'adaption' and who gave the tenant living above, myself, a year of anti-social behaviour while both Sanctuary Housing and Cornwall Council went through the motions of doing little to stop it.

The reason Sanctuary Housing wanted me harassed out of my home was due to a failed TPAS Mediation Scam which TPAS Accredited Sanctuary Housing financed and which ended in failure during the time the flat was advertised. The reason Cornwall Council did little to stop it was because it had fast tracked the tenant into the flat regardless of 'Cornwall Homechoice' bidders.

Cornwall Housing admitted it was responsible for adding the 'preference to homeless' on the advertisement.

The Trophy award therefore goes to the management team of Sanctuary Housing, Exeter, for knowingly discriminating against the disabled, for knowingly witholding information from Cornwall Council, and for knowingly misleading the public.

Footnote : I feel sure Cornwall Council will itself win the Trophy in weeks to come due to it's partnership with Sanctuary Housing, Exeter.

Up-date 26 August 2015 : Based on what I know now, 3 years on, it didn't matter what the Council claimed it did'nt know in 2012. The most important thing for the Council to know was that the Homechoice flat was ringfenced for the Council by Sanctuary and that a new tenant had already been allocated the flat before a single bid was placed on it. All Sanctuary had to do was agree the nomination which was done early on so that Sanctuary could agree to the leaving tenant leaving the flat furnished/part furnished.


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