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The following cut and pasted copy of an email dated 23rd September 2010, was sent to me on behalf of TPAS, and the author of it, a TPAS Mediator, cannot be named for legal reasons. The email was in reference to a preliminary one to one meeting in Cornwall regarding Mediation between myself and my landlord, TPAS Accredited Sanctuary Housing.

Dear Mr Mc Laughlin,
Thank you for coming back and confirming your wish to proceed.
I am very happy to meet you to meet you as requested in the tea Rooms, would you have a post code so that I can find it?
It would be really useful if I could have a brief to read as it helps me understand what clarification we can cover when we meet.
I am sorry to hear you are not feeling very well and I hope this lovely sunshine will help you feel better soon.
I will liaise with Sanctuary as well on dates as clearly I need your information and meet with you and then meet with Sanctuary so I can raise the issues and seek clarification on any points or issues we have and then hopefully we can start to develop appropriate solutions to take forward for agreement. Clearly until I know what the issues are I cannot determine the best way to manage the process.
Kind Regards
(Cannot be named for legal reasons)
I continued to correspond with the TPAS Mediator after 23rd September 2010 and we eventually met in Cornwall on 25th October 2010.

At no time leading up to that meeting did the TPAS Mediator, TPAS, or my landlord TPAS Accredited Sanctuary Housing advise me of any change to our agreed one to one preliminary meeting. Not a single phone call or the Mediator's preferred method of email.

Shortly after the meeting began on 25th October 2010 the TPAS Mediator produced a Diane Parsons of TPAS Accredited Sanctuary Housing from nowhere and who was then standing near the entrance.

Considering the paperwork they both had in front of them it became obvious as time went on that the TPAS Mediator and TPAS Accredited Sanctuary Housing had been working on a joint strategy without my participation or knowledge and which relied on me being kept in the dark until after the meeting had begun.

I lodged a written complaint within 24 hours of that meeting and my landlord,TPAS Accredited Sanctuary Housing, would not investigate. Michelle Reid, CEO of TPAS, promised she would investigate as a '"matter of priority" but later lied in writing to delay matters. When pressed the TPAS CEO backed the TPAS Mediator's role.

Within weeks of the meeting a TPAS Report followed which served only to protect TPAS Accredited Sanctuary Housing.

A year later Simon Clark, Sanctuary Housing Group Director - Housing & Communities, confirmed in writing that I had never formally agreed to enter into mediation and that what happened was a "genuine misunderstanding" unquote.

Simon Clark has since failed to explain why TPAS Accredited Sanctuary Housing did not investigate the Mediation complaint a year earlier or explain why his only solution was to blackmail me into either returning to the original 800+ day old complaint or he would close it.

In December 2011, and against my wishes, Simon Clark closed the complaint un-resolved because I  could not return and proceed the 800+ day old complaint.

The TPAS Mediator left TPAS in 2011 and I have conflicting information about this.

According to my information the TPAS Mediator was sacked in July 2011 for alleged fraud and was going into litigation against TPAS.

According to the police, reading from a statement written by the ex-TPAS Mediator, the ex-TPAS Mediator resigned in 2011. Unfortunately the police had no evidence to support the ex-TPAS Mediator's statement.

If anyone has evidence or knowledge of what really happened in 2011, I urge you to please contact me in writing in order for me to 'put the record straight'.

I think it indefensible that TPAS did not correct my information if they knew it to be untrue and must therefore accept responsibility for any distress it may have caused the ex-TPAS Mediator. The ex-TPAS Mediator must also accept responsibility for not correcting my information sooner if untrue.


Twitter request  of 4th May 2012 : @tpasmichelle Please send me a copy of the Mediator's resignation. I am sure the then Mediator will not object.

Twitter request of 7th May 2012 : @tpasengland Please send me a copy of the TPAS Mediator's resignation. I am sure the Mediator would not object.

Twitter request of 11th May 2012 : @tpasengland Please send me a copy of the Mediator's resignation. I am sure the the ex- Mediator will not object.

Twitter request of 14th May 2012 : @tpasengland TPAS please send me a copy of the Mediator's resignation. I am sure the the ex- Mediator will not object.

 Twitter request of 21st May 2012 : @tpasengland Please send me a copy of the Mediator's resignation. I am sure the the ex- Mediator will not object.

Contacted TPAS on 15th June 2012, via it's website, and sought confirmation if the Mediatior was sacked or resigned. Now 6th July 2012 and still waiting.

As I write it is now Easter 2013 and TPAS has still not yet confirmed if it's then Mediator was sacked or resigned. I think we can safely assume Michelle Reid, CEO of TPAS is as dishonest and untrustworthy as any common thief and crook.

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