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We live in a corrupt country because it is still considered 'professional' to lie and cheat to protect ones friends, colleagues and employer.

"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent on things that matter". Martin Luther King. http://bit.ly/vuffTr

What do you call a landlord which lies, cheats, bullies and blackmails - Sanctuary Housing of course.

Simon Clark, Sanctuary Housing Director, has threatened legal action if I am not nice to the corrupt management at Sanctuary Shaftesbury.

Exempt charity Sanctuary Housing CEO David Bennett earns around £285,000 + a year. One way to save money to pay him. http://bit.ly/u617sY

TPAS caught in bed with Sanctuary Housing endulging in the "F" word, FRAUD. http://bit.ly/nf7FGr

Premier Venue in Cornwall for Mediation. As used by Sanctuary Housing and Tenant Participation Advisory Service (TPAS). http://bit.ly/u617sY

Wow. Sanctuary Housing has just awarded me £10.00 compensation for putting up with 2 days noise nuisance. That's almost enough for ear plugs

Sanctuary Housing prefers tenants who claim benefits because it is more difficult to con and bully tenants who work.

Simon Clark is a Director with Sanctuary Housing. Simon likes to bully and blackmail. Simon makes threats when he doesn't get his own way.

Sanctuary H/A has some 1000 + properties in Cornwall yet no local office for tenant concerns. Investors in people or profit

Sanctuary H/A used to have an office in Truro, then it retreated to Plymouth then to Exeter. It's workforce is largely based in Devon.

I cannot remember the last time TPAS Accredited Sanctuary Housing promoted the idea of Tenant Groups in Cornwall. Why is that ?

Landlord from Hell. And the nomination goes to Sanctuary Housing Association. http://bit.ly/p2m7w

Want to see the type of washing machine TPAS and Sanctuary Housing use to look soooooooo good ? http://t.co/W2XYS5t



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