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Pictured is David Bennett FCA, CCMI, Group Chief Executive and Group Board Member of Sanctuary Housing.

Exempt Charity Sanctuary Housing CEO David Bennett earns around £285,000 + a year.


34 Timber Close
St Austell

PL25 5NZ

My Ref : GRM/SC/021

2nd April 2012


Dear Mr Clark

Please advise Sanctuary Shaftesbury the weekly Service Charge of £3.88 has been paid into a bank account.

I have brought to your attention in previous letters the complaint of August 2009 remains unresolved despite my attempt to use the official Complaints Procedure and Mediation Process, both of which were unlawfully abused by my landlord to protect only himself and his staff. I have also brought to your attention the complaint of 2011 remains unresolved despite my attempts to assist the investigation and understand, as victim, why it continued for 40 long days and nights.

As soon as the complaints of 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 have been resolved to my satisfaction, as resident, customer, complainant and victim, I will release the amount held back to you.

I am thereby showing you I am ready, willing and able to pay the amount held back.

I confirm Janet Swales, Housing Services Manager - West, Sanctuary Housing, has responded to the kitchen issue. I am more than happy to have a new kitchen installed providing I am compensated for the disruption, inconvenience and loss of income. This will also apply to any upgrade to the electrics indicated by Ms Swales, and to the current window and door replacement work.

With scaffolding already in place I do not think compensation of £15.00 per window (£60.00) and the front door being replaced for free is excessive. I would require payment before the windows are replaced.

I do not think it right that my landlord should enhance the value of his property at my expense or subject me to any form of disruption and inconvenience without compensating me for it. As far as I am aware I am legally entitled to live in my home in peace.

One of the first things I learnt running a business was time is money. A concept you do not appear to understand but would yourself insist upon if it was your time and your money you were losing.

I also confirm receipt of a letter dated 26th March 2012 from Richard Keeley, Regional Director Sanctuary Shaftesbury.

As you are aware Mr Clark, Group Director - Housing & Communities & Executive Director, I cannot deal with Keeley because the man is a liar and a cheat and will remain a liar and a cheat until as such time as my complaints of 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 have been resolved to my satisfaction as a resident, customer, complainant and victim.

My email to you of 13th February 2012 was quite clear "With regard to Richard Keeley contacting me please respect my wishes. If I cannot trust him there is no point him contacting me", unquote. Delegating your responsibilities back to Keeley was never going to be a very clever or constructive way forward Simon. Keeley is your problem.

With regard to the Service Charge owed of £65.11, I can only repeat what I said previously in that as soon as the complaints of 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 have been resolved to my satisfaction, as a resident, customer, complainant and victim, I will release the amount held back to you. As you are aware I had been paying Service Charge "Under Protest" since 2009.

With regard to me running an internet business from my home without formally letting Sanctuary Housing know I suggest you take me to Court, please. Though why you would have me claim benefits and spend even more time writing is beyond me. The Medevil History of Castle Sanctuary, Part 2. I'm tempted.

Having funded and participated in a fraudulent Mediation process in 2010, I am sure Sanctuary Housing is more than capable of buying a judge if need be. No offence Ms Crawley, Chair of Sanctuary Housing Group Housing Committee, and Justice of the Peace, but shame on you anyway for letting this fraud continue to punish the victim of it.

"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter". Martin Luther King

The issue of me running an internet business from home only came about when I declined to have the new kitchen installed. That you believed this was the reason behind my decision so you threatened my tenancy and my livelyhood if I continued to run a business from home. Threatened me like a bully and not for the first time.

The fact is it doesn't matter where I work because the work you want to carry out would still disrupt my life, would still inconvenience me and would still lose me money. Money which pays the rent and contributes towards your wages.

Further to this, please let me know precisely when Sanctuary Housing first realised I was running an internet business from home, and please also let me know the amount of my earnings Sanctuary Housing has received in Rent and Service Charge payments since the beginning of 2009. This being the year Sanctuary Housing broke whatever contractual agreement we had and abdicated whatever legal responsibilities it had to me despite my attempts to resolve matters.

In closing I will address the complaint to you of 27th January 2012, and Keeley's award of compensation.

You will recall this concerned two days of noise nuisance by staff of Sanctuary Shaftesbury preparing the flat below mine for the next tenant. Re-Let work according to Keeley. Two days of excessive radio volume and banging which left me thinking the workmen were oblivious to the fact a tenant lived above them.

That the disturbance had impacted negatively upon the quality of my life and had interfered with my lawful right to live in my home in peace. A disturbance which happened in the wake of a year of noise nuisance and anti-social behaviour by a 'problem tenant'. That it was therefore extremely inept of the landlord to subject me to further noise nuisance in the wake of the latter.

With reply to Keeley's compensation award of £10.00 (ten pounds) I have decided to award it to you Simon for being such a smuck in how you dealt with this complaint, and my unresolved complaints of 2009, 2010 and 2011. Perhaps you could in turn award it to Keeley and suggest he buy something cheap and nasty like (the TPAS Mediator), again.

Linking the acceptance of this award to reduce the outstanding Service Charge sum owed to £55.11 was hardly ever going to be an incentive Simon, or that a matter of principle could be bought for so little.

With regard to the 'problem tenant', mentioned earlier, and the unresolved complaint of 2011, I would like to add the following for the record since in involves corruption involving both Cornwall Council and Sanctuary Shaftesbury.

In December 2010 Keeley knew the fraudulent Mediation process had been rumbled and invoked a Serial and Vexatious Complainant Policy against me rather than investigate my complaint the Mediation process had been a scam.

(A scam which saw TPAS Mediator (who cannot be named for legal reasons), and saw Michelle Reid, TPAS CEO, lie and cheat to bury it, protect (the Mediator) and protect TPAS Accredited Sanctuary Housing).

At the same time Keeley invoked the Serial and Vexatious Complainant Policy against me Cornwall Council advertised the flat below mine via Cornwall Homechoice and the 'problem tenant, was offered the flat after Sanctuary Shaftesbury had match approved the nomination.

Within a very short space of time of moving in the 'problem tenant' had complaints against her and in May 2011 the 'problem tenant' twice broke her Tenancy Agreement in allowing overcrowding and noise nuisance. This period of time became known as the "40 days of Hell" because that is how long Sanctuary Shaftesbury, with help from Cornwall Council, allowed it to continue.

A period of time Sanctuary Shaftesbury and Cornwall Council still refuse to answer questions about. A period of time I claim was used as an opportunity by Sanctuary Shaftesbury to harass me into leaving for the failed Mediation scam, and a period of time used by Cornwall Council to protect itself.

Protect itself because the Council had misled the public in December 2010, both on it's website and in the Western Morning News, and in so doing had discriminated against the disabled and excluded other Homechoice applicants. An act Sanctuary Shaftesbury approved eventhough it must have known Cornwall Council's information was false and inaccurate.

When the flat was advertised to the public in December 2010 via Cornwall Homechoice, Ref. No : 2797, it was advertised as a "1st Floor Flat" with "Preference to applicants accepted as statutory homeless by Cornwall Council", and was accompanied with a picture.

In reality it was a Ground Floor Flat, it had a Specially Adapted Bathroom, not mentioned, and the picture did not show the flat in question. (A picture Cornwall Council has since used knowing it to be misleading).

I believe Cornwall Council made the 'problem tenant' statutory homeless in order for her to qualify for the 'ring fenced' flat. The reason why the advertisement did not need to be accurate was because Cornwall Council had already decided upon the tenant regardless of Cornwall Homechoice. All Sanctuary Shaftesbury had to do was approve the 'problem tenant', which the corrupt management at Sanctuary Shaftesbury gladly did because of the negative impact the 'problem tenant' would have on my life in the wake of the failed and fraudulent Mediation process involving that same corrupt management team.

Complaints continued to be made after the "40 days of Hell" and these increased when Cornwall Council, with approval from Sanctuary Shaftesbury, then dumped another problem tenant into a nearby flat. A problem tenant who not only was a personal friend of the 'problem tenant' below me, but who also endulged in the same kind of early morning anti-social behaviour.

So you see Simon had Cornwall Council not fiddled it, and Sanctuary Housing not approved it, the abuses of 2011 upon me would not have happened.

Which is not unlike 2009 really. Had Swales not fiddled it, and Sanctuary Housing not approved of it, the fraudulent Mediation process of 2010 upon me would not have happened.

So there you have it. The sordid history of Sanctuary Shaftesbury in 2009, 2010 and 2011 in a few brief sentences.

Sentences being something you should all be given for what you have put me through since 2009.

Yours sincerely

G R McLaughlin.

C.C. David Bennett, FCA, CCM., Group Chief Executive and Group Board Member, Sanctuary Housing.
C.C. Nick Baldwin, BSc, MSc, CEng, Dir., Group Board Member, Sanctuary Housing.
C.C. Rosemary Crawley, JP, SRN, SCM, M.Soc.Sci., Group Board Member, Sanctuary Housing.
C.C. Craig Moule, BSc Hons., Group Board and Executive Director, Sanctuary Housing.
C.C. John Doughty, FIFA, Group Board, Sanctuary Housing
C.C. Jonathan Lander, Group Board, Sanctuary Housing
C.C. Kenneth Gibb, Group Board, Sanctuary Housing
C.C. Elizabeth Meek, CBE., Group Board, Sanctuary Housing.
C.C. Robert McComb, Group Board, Sanctuary Housing.
C.C. Ian McDermott. Executive director, Sanctuary Housing.
C.C. Tony King, Executive Director, Sanctuary Housing.
C.C. Peter Martin, Executive Director, Sanctuary Housing.
C.C. Nathan Warren, Executive Director, Sanctuary Housing.
C.C. Steve Wood, Executive Director, Sanctuary Housing.
C.C. Simon Clark, Executive Director, Sanctuary Housing.
C.C. Gordon Laurie, Executive Director, Sanctuary Housing.
C.C. Peter Williams, Executive Director.
C.C. Sanctuary Shaftesbury.
C.C. T.P.A.S..
C.C. Cornwall Council.
C.C. Stephen Gilbert MP.

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