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Picture shows un-removed cuttings on slab stones from the previous week's gardening/maintenance. The rotary drier top right has no line and was one of two which remained like this and un-usable for nearly 12 months. I reported these as dangerous because without lines one could quite easily have walked into one of the four poles sticking out at head height and lost an eye or received a nasty head injury. Note weeds between the slab stones due to neglect. Rotary drier to the left could not be used due to foliage growing up through the lines.

From the time I reported that foliage was interferring with this drier,and one other, it took the landlord nearly 200 days to deal with it. Throughout this period of neglect the landlord continued to take weekly Service Charge payments from working tenants, and from the Local Authority by way of benefits. To bury this negligence and theft Ms Swales then introduced the 'Deed of Deception' which unlawfully deceived the tenants into making them responsible for the return of their environment and the return of Services the tenants had always been entitled to and had continued to pay for. Through 2009 written complaints of ASB connected to the above were also not dealt with.


The Rogue in question this time is Janet Swales, Area Manager with Sanctuary Shaftesbury. I first met Janet in the mid 1990s when she was then a Housing Officer called Janet Christmas.

My problems with Janet began in 2009 and initially involved her friend and colleague Helen Ubhe, Service Delivery Officer.

Having twice been denied stage 2 of Sanctuary Housing Complaints Procedure without explanation my complaint did eventually proceed to stage 2 in August 2009. This escalation meant the complaint would have to be investigated by Janet Swales herself according to procedure. Unfortunately Janet did not investigate herself but relied upon the advice of Helen Ubhe who was not only responsible for the original complaints being made but was also responsible for the complaints not proceeding to stage 2 as they should have done.

Although Janet did eventually travel to Cornwall to investigate the complaint properly, under enormous written pressure from me, the true extent of damage done by this less than professional duo could no longer simply be undone.

Janet then opted to break the law and knowingly deceived every resident, including vulnerable ones, by introducing the 'Deed of Deception' with help from Michael Howarth, Community Developement Officer. This unlawful piece of paper itself served only to further deny the residents services they or the Local Authority were paying for but were not receiving.

(This fact was recognised in the Report which followed the fraudulent Mediation process in 2010 and led to the financial inducement of £225.00 which I rejected so as not to legitimize that Scam). On the basis of the Report's calculation Sanctuary Housing pocketed over £3,000 from working tenants and the Local Authority via benefit payments to cover the Service Charge.

Janet later blocked the progress of my complaint of August 2009 and referred it to her boss Richard Keeley, Regional Director, in 2010. Richard proposed Mediation by TPAS or remain at stage 2 of the complaints procedure indefinately. I gave way to Richard's blackmailing me and the Mediation process later proved to be a Scam and the TPAS Mediator was later sacked (or reseigned) in 2011.

In December 2011 my complaint of August 2009 was closed un-resolved by Simon Clark, Sanctuary Housing Group Director - Housing and Communities, because I would not give way to Mr Clark blackmailing me to return and proceed with the complaint of August 2009, now over 800 days old, or else.

My reasons for being unable to return to the original complaint was because the complaint now involved fraud and deception by Sanctuary Housing and TPAS which the Housing Ombudsman would be unable to investigate.

For further reading please read 'The Medevil History of Castle Sanctuary', and see also the 'Deed of Deception'.

I no longer use the Sanctuary Housing Complaints Procedure and look forward to the day when it will truly protect it's residents above the abuses and failures of it's staff.


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