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Added 29th November 2011.

The latest rogue in my Rogues Gallery is Simon Clark, Sanctuary Housing's Group Director - Housing & Communities. As Group Director, Simon Clark takes the lead on all social housing activity across the Group, except in Scotland, and line-manages the respective regional teams.

My contact with Simon Clark began in September 2011 and has increased now that I no longer deal directly with Sanctuary Shaftesbury in Exeter. This has come about because neither Simon Clark or Rosemary Crawley, a member of Sanctuary's Group Board, will deal with the corrupt management at Sanctuary Shaftesbury.

The following is part of my email to Simon Clark, Cc :  Rosemary Crawley, dated 14th November 2011. I quote :

"Although it was my intention to bank the Service Charge the first week in November, which I then decided against, your letter of 3rd November has left me with little choice but to bank the Service Charge as from the second week in November. You will recall I have been paying the Service Charge 'under protest' since 2009.

Please advise Sanctuary Shaftesbury the weekly Service Charge of £3.88 has been paid into a bank account.

My defence for having to do this is because it is the only way I can defend myself from further abuse and blackmail and to keep my complaint of 2009 open. That having been blackmailed into a fraudulent mediation process by Richard Keeley, or remain a stage 2 of the complaints procedure indefinately, that you now blackmail me into either returning to that stage 2 complaints procedure, because the fraudulent mediation process failed, or you will close the complaint. That having wasted yet another year of my precious time and money avoiding liability that you now threaten to close the complaint. A complaint which remains unresolved only because of Sanctuary Housing's corrupt management of it since 2009.

A complaint which is now over 800 days old and can only be resolved in a Court of Law because it now involves fraud and deception. A mediation process you confirm was wrong yet you continue to uphold it's invalid recommendations and award. A mediation process involving a mediator who was not only a friend of your line manager Richard Keeley but who has since been sacked (or resigned) by TPAS for alleged fraud. Why would I not want to go to Court.

The notion you have exhausted attempts so far to resolve my complaint ignores the fact that all attempts so far by Sanctuary Housing, since 2009, and TPAS, since 2010, have been unlawful and have abused my rights. Not to mention the tens of thousands of hours in lost time and earnings to myself and the prolonged and avoidable distress I continue to be subjected to since 2009. The truth of the matter is my attempts to resolve issues since 2009 have been exhausted because Sanctuary Housing has continued to use every dirty and underhanded trick in the book to protect itself and it's corrupt officials". Unquote.

The above was in response to Simon Clark blackmailing me into either returning to the original eight hundred day old complaint and proceed it to stage 3 or he will close the complaint on 1st December 2011 without resolve.

I have continued to notify Simon Clark via email every week that the weekly Service Charge has been paid into a bank account. The only way Sanctuary Housing can recover this money is to take me to Court and address issues it has spent the last two years trying to unlawfully bury in a cesspit of it's own making.

Sanctuary Housing Association is a TPAS Accredited Landlord and both organisations are Corrupt.

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