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Wednesday 9th November 2011

Dear Louise Mensch MP,

This is a brief summary of my difficulties with TPAS and Sanctuary
Housing Association. It concerns a mediation scam by TPAS (Tenant
Participation Advisory Service) to protect TPAS Accredited landlord
Sanctuary Housing Association from numerous failings, some unlawful,
since 2009.

Having blackmailed me into mediation, Richard Keeley, Regional Director
of Sanctuary Shaftesbury, a subsidary of Sanctuary Housing, initiated and
financed the mediation scam with the intention of burying serious complaints
with help from his friend (and TPAS Mediator, who cannot be named for legal reasons).

The scam got rumbled and neither Richard Keeley or TPAS will discuss what happened.

Mr Keeley protected himself by introducing a complainant policy against me
for 6 months to avoid questions and scrutiny and has since threatened to
invoke another complainant policy for a further 6 months.

Michelle Reid, CEO of TPAS, has since lied, in writing, to protect both 
(the Mediator, who cannot be named for legal reasons) and TPAS Accredited landlord Sanctuary Housing.

I rejected a Report following that failed mediation scam because I
never agreed to enter into mediation, it was therefore null and void,
and I rejected a financial enducement so as not to legitamize that scam.

Almost a year after the scam Simon Clark, Sanctuary Housing Group Director
- Housing & Communities, confirmed in writing that I had never agreed to enter
into mediation and that what happened was a 'genuine misunderstanding'.

Mr Clark has since failed to explain why no professionals involved in that
process a year ago found any such misunderstandings, when I then formally
complained in writing, or why both Sanctuary Housing and TPAS has
continued to stand by that flawed and unlawful process to this day.

A flawed process which served only to protect Sanctuary Housing from serious
complaints, complaints which remain buried under the terms of mediation,
engaged TPAS in fraud, and up-holds an unlawful process which continues to
abuse my rights as a tenant and as a human being.

In July 2011 (the Mediator, who cannot be named for legal reasons) was sacked for alleged

fraud (or resigned) and TPAS still refuses to talk to me since it's CEO Michelle Reid lied to me earlier this year.

In the wake of the failed Mediation scam and my internet activities I have since
been subjected to harassment by Sanctuary Housing to force me out of my
home. 'The 40 days of hell' harassment ended only after the Local Authority
advised Sanctuary Housing in writing to put an end to it.

It is my wish to legally challenge the scam of 2010 and I would appreciate any
advise or suggestions you may have. Perhaps a Public Enquiry would be possible.
Although I support myself and pay my own way I cannot afford legal representation
or a barrister. Perhaps no win no fee is an option. I would appreciate any advice.

Please cut and paste the following link http://bit.ly/pt5Ehv for further reading and
an in depth reply to Mr Keeley's letter of 19th August 2011. Alternately please
feel free to print it out and read it at your leisure. The purpose of the Link is only to
provide you with an opportunity to know more should you wish to. The purpose of
the List is only to acknowledge you have been given that opportunity.

The List, at the end of the 'Sanctuary Shaftesbury' letter, lists the people / organisations
who have already been sent a copy and link to date. It is my intention
to contact every influential person and organisation in the UK until
something is done.

Thank you for your time.

Yours sincerely,

G R McLaughlin

P.S. My own MP is already in receipt of this letter. Because Sanctuary Housing Association
and TPAS operate throughout the UK this letter is for your information and for the protection
of your constituents. If you do feel you can help in any way please do not hesitate to get in
touch with me. Thank you.

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