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Michelle Reid joined TPAS (Tenant Participation Advisory Service) as Chief Executive Officer in April 2009. Michelle was born and raised in Northumberland and has lived in Manchester, home of TPAS, for the past 20 years.

My first contact with Michelle was towards the end of 2010 when I made a formal written complaint to her about the TPAS Mediator who Mediated between myself and my landlord TPAS Accredited Sanctuary Housing. The TPAS Mediator arranged to meet me in Cornwall on 25th October 2010, for a private one to one meeting, but changed our written agreement, without my prior knowledge or consent, and turned the meeting into a Mediation Scam, so I lodged a formal complaint with Michelle. Michelle promised she would investigate the complaint as a "matter of priority" but later began lying and cheating, in writing, instead.

Almost a year after that meeting Simon Clark, Sanctuary Housing Group Director - Housing and Communities, agreed with me in writing that I had never formally agreed to enter into mediation and that what happened on 25th October 2010 was, according to him, a 'genuine misunderstanding' . A misunderstanding which I claim was a Scam because of the wealth of evidence against it being a 'genuine misunderstanding' and the fact that so many professionals representing TPAS and Sanctuary Housing have continued to hide behind the conclusions of that meeting for nearly a year. 

(Up-date 3/11/11) I have been informed that the TPAS Mediator is no longer with TPAS and was fired and is now in litigation with TPAS, something to do with allegations of fraud.

(Up-date 24/4/12) I have been advised today by the Police, reading from a written statement by the ex-TPAS Mediator, that the TPAS Mediator resigned in 2011.

Is TPAS now trustworthy ? not really. Michelle Reid, CEO of TPAS, knowingly lied and cheated to protect the TPAS Mediator, TPAS and TPAS Accredited landlord Sanctuary Housing between December 2010 to July 2011.

For further reading Michelle Reid can be found in 'The Medevil History of Castle Sanctuary' as the 'Chief Evil One' of SPAT (CEO of TPAS)



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