Mediation Scam

Mediation Scam

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First picture = Richard Keeley, Regional Director Sanctuary Shaftesbury.

Second picture = Simon Clark, Sanctuary Group Director - Housing & Communities. (Blue check shirt)


9th October 2011

It's official. Sanctuary Housing's Executive Group Director Simon Clark has confirmed a mediation process conducted by TPAS, Tenant Participation Advisory Service, and paid for by Sanctuary Housing, was mis-appropriated and "could have been handled better". Mr Geoff McLaughlin, the Cornish tenant involved, will be seeking clarification if "handled better" simply means more underhandly in the future. Mr Clark also accepted that Mr McLaughlin had never formally agreed to enter into Mediation.

Mr Clark did not say if Sanctuary Housing, an Accredited TPAS Landlord, would be seeking compensation from TPAS but no apology or offer of compensation was made to Mr McLaughlin. Mr Clark closed Mr McLaughlin's original complaint of August 2009 in December 2011, un-resolved because Mr McLaughlin would not give way to Mr Clark blackmailing him to forget about the fraudulent Mediation process and return to the original Richard Keeley blocked complaint.

Mediation became necessary when Richard Keeley, Regional Director with Sanctuary Shaftesbury, a subsidary of Sanctuary Housing, blackmailed Mr McLaughlin into accepting Mediation or remain frozen on it's official complaints procedure indefinately. Mr Keeley did this to protect a number of his officers and managers at Sanctuary Shaftesbury in Exeter in response to written complaints of theft, negligence, deception and procedural abuses as far back as 2009.

Apart from being Group Director of Housing & Communities Simon Clark is also line manager to Mr Keeley.

The TPAS Mediator involved knowingly misled Mr Mclaughlin into believing they would have a one-to-one preliminary meeting in Cornwall on 25th October 2010, only to then introduce a Diane Parsons, Business Support Manager with Sanctuary Shaftesbury, and hidden out of view until after the meeting had started. Although Mr Mclaughlin lodged a written complaint within 24 hours of the meeting ending, considering it a scam by both Sanctuary Housing and TPAS, a Report of Mediation followed a few weeks later. A report which sought only to protect Sanctuary Housing and bury serious complaints which remain unanswered and unresolved to this day.

Following Mr McLaughlin's rejection of that Report of Mediation and bribe of £225.00, Mr Keeley introduced a complainant policy against Mr McLaughlin to run for six months so as to avoid questions and scrutiny. Mr McLaughlin remains unclear if the TPAS Mediator was bribed to help Sanctuary Housing or whether TPAS was protecting TPAS Accredited Landlord Sanctuary Housing. Michelle Reid, CEO of TPAS, has since lied in writing to protect the TPAS mediator, TPAS, and TPAS Accredited Sanctuary Housing.

During 2011 Mr McLaughlin was subjected to 40 days of hell as Sanctuary Shaftesbury indirectly attempted to harass him out of his home and which ended only when the Local Authority wrote to Sanctuary Shaftesbury.

Mr Mclaughlin has continued tweeting most days on twitter to raise awareness and protect tenants throughout the UK. He is also presently writing to all 650 Members of Parliament, see List of present Recipients, and is now, in reply to Simon Clark, considering further action.

(Up-date 3/11/11) I have been informed that the TPAS Mediator is no longer with TPAS and was fired and is now in litigation with TPAS, something to do with allegations of fraud. The Mediator was out in July 2011.

(Up-date 24/4/12) The police informed me today, from a written statement by the ex-TPAS Mediator, that the ex-TPAS Mediator resigned in 2011. The police were unable to provide me with any proof to substantiate the ex-TPAS Mediator's statement.

Is TPAS now trustworthy ? not really. Michelle Reid, CEO of TPAS, knowingly lied and cheated to protect the TPAS Mediator, TPAS and TPAS Accredited landlord Sanctuary Housing between December 2010 to July 2011. Because TPAS has said nothing to me about the Scam in 2010, that it must therefore be considered safe, TPAS continues to protect only itself and Sanctuary Housing and not the injured party, me the tenant.

When an organisation resorts to covering -up rather than cleaning-up it is Corrupt and can no longer be trusted.

 Geoff McLaughlin.

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