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(I have been running a request for information so if you have or know anything please get in touch).

I began collecting 'Kernewek' Pottery some time ago. Kernewek Pottery was made at Goonhavern near Perranporth and ceased production a few years ago. To date I have a collection of some 600+ Kernewek pieces and I am mostly interested in the drip ware they made. These items were mostly in brown drip early on and blue drip later. Later still most items, using the same moulds and new moulds, were white/cream only with a speckled finish and mostly transfer printed flowers.

I believe Kernewek means "Cornish" in the Cornish language.

Apart from the small selection of brown and blue drip items in the picture, Kernewek also turned out a vast selection of kitchen wear and nearly all my cups, mugs, dinner plates, platters, side plates, tea plates, cruet sets etc. I use daily.

Kernewek pottery is often confused with another Cornish pottery, which also ceased production a few years ago, called Fosters who were based in Redruth. Not only did they also employ the same drip ware finish but, on a few items, also used the same commercially available moulds as Kernewek. The confusion most often comes about today when a given item has no impressed markings and originally had a stuck on label which has longed been washed off or removed. The most easily confused items also appear to be the unmarked early items as later items by Fosters became lighter and with a more pronounced creamy honeycomb pattern. Fosters also did a green drip finish and a black pewter type finish which Kernewek never did.

I recall my gran in Lostwithiel used to have a green glug glug vase, possibly two, on her mantlepiece in the 1950s, but a don't recall it having a drip ware finish. Glug glug coming come the noise which was made when water was poured out of them.

Although the collection continues I have no idea when Kernewek, or Fosters for that matter, began production in Cornwall. I would therefore like anyone who may have information on one or both Potteries to get in touch with a view of building up an accurate record. I also have no idea how the drip ware finish was achieved ?, and if only Cornish clay was used ? Who began the businesses ? and what was it like to make or work at the Potteries ? If you have any information/catalogues/pictures/reminiscenses etc. please get in touch.

Many thanks, Geoff

Some information I have found out is that Fosters Pottery in Redruth was set up by the Foster Brothers. Reg Foster then went his own way and set up 'Kernewek Pottery' in 1975 on land at Churchtown Farm in Goonhavern near Perranporth. A fire in the kiln in November 1995, virtually ended production and the site was then used mostly as a shop outlet before closing completely in 2005.

Kernewek and Fosters items are generally considered today as "pocket money collectables".

Although Fosters is usually found in a brown drip ware, green drip ware and honeycomb drip ware finishes, Fosters also produced some blue ware drip items where the effect was applied differently when compared to kernewek item. The item design also tended to be typically Fosters rather than typically kernewek. I will provide some pictures in time.


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