The Royal Mail Group of Idiots

The Royal Mail Group of Idiots

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                                                             ROYAL MAIL GROUP OF IDIOTS            09/06/11

The idiots in question being the 'Customer Services Advisors' I have recently encountered who either do not converse with each other, other departments or are not really from this planet. I thought the ones who poorly performed in the 'Parcelfarce Gripe' were bad enough but not a bit of it there are more of them ready and waiting to obstruct whatever claim you may have in the hope you will get fed up and not persevere any further. That way more revenue is saved to employ more idiots like them.

This new case concerns two claims I put in for items which never reached their destinations abroad. One was destined for India, sent late December 2010, and the other for South Africa which was sent early January 2011. Each claim was separately entered onto an 'International P58' Claim Form. Both items were well within the standard compensation rate.

I included the names and addresses of the intended recipients, the amount of postage paid, where and when the items were posted, description of contents and packaging, original proof of posting receipts, the original proof of value of the items and PayPal refunds, the eBay item sales pages and the eBay item numbers. I retained a copy of each form, downloadable online, and sent both to the 'International Claims, Royal Mail Customer Services, Freepost, Trent House, Media Way, Stoke On Trent, ST1 5ST'. Both were signed and dated 16/03/11 then sent.

In reply I received two letters separately from a Pat Brigham, Customer Service Advisor, dated 21st March 2011 requesting additional information within 10 working days or the cases would be closed. Each letter had it's own reference number and these were 1-1776888248RTI (for the India item) and 1-1776860394RTI (South African item).

The additional information she requested was as follows, I quote :

" Proof of the items value, e.g. this is the actual cost of the item to you, i.e. what it cost you to acquire, purchase or manufacture the item (or repair in the event of damage) - up to a maximum of its market value or up to the maximum compensation payable for the service, whichever is the lower of these. We ask that this preferably be in the form of a purchase invoice or receipt, not the eBay auction page ".

Because the P58 Form requested the eBay item Sale Page and the eBay item number must be included for any compensation claim, Ms Brigham had introduced an unreasonable request and obstruction because the auction page clearly stated the item was not new and that I was a dealer in photographic equipment. Even if I had produced original receipts for the lost items showing they cost £120.00 new, an estimate, the Royal Mail Group would still have only paid out the actual amount I had lost according to the eBay information which Ms Brigham now claimed was not relevant and would not be considered.

The Royal Mail Group had therefore raised the bar, so to speak, to dishonestly avoid paying out compensation. I do not ever recall being advised at the Post Office that items being sent needed to be either new or that proof of purchase would be necessary in the event of any claim. Quite frankly it would be un-workable and would lose the RMG millions.

In reply I wrote to Ms Brigham on 23rd March 2011 stating :

" The information you already have show the items were 'Used' items and that I am a business seller on eBay as well as running a business outside of eBay since 1999. Both the lost items were purchased second hand many years ago and resold on eBay at the S/H going rate. The items new would individually have exceeded the standard compensation rate and the question is not relevant since you will only meet the amount of money I have lost/refunded. Given the amount of information you were provided with on both claims I feel your letter of 21st March 2011 was not necessary and most probably was a standard reply to deter claimants 'going the extra mile' once they are confronted with un-necessary obstacles placed before them ", unquote.

Two copies of this letter were sent to Ms Brigham in separate envelopes and with the appropriate reference numbers.

Since that time I have heard nothing and have sent emails to various Customer Service Advisors at Royal Mail. The last, a Mr Riddoch, said he had checked the system and had not found any records of my claim forms at present and suggested I re-submit claim forms. A difficult thing to do when the RMG still have all the evidence and proof I submitted which Ms Brigham had confirmed she received in mid-March 2011.

In view of the 'Parcelfarce Gripe' and this new 'The Royal Mail Group of Idiots' all I can say is the Royal Mail Group is still shite and still likes to waste customers time and money trying various underhanded tactics to avoid paying out on bonefide claims.

Will keep readers posted how things develop.

Update : 09/06/11. Began a dialogue with the Royal Mail via tweets on Twitter. Did not get very far but they appeared helpful and concerned.

Update : 10/06/11. I was advised today by the Royal Mail tweeters that they had contacted the manager and had raised the issues put forward by me and confirmed 2  cheques will be on their way to me. They also apologised for any inconvenience caused. In reply I thanked them for their input and advised them the story would remain on my website because the same obstacle was introduced during another claim of mine in 2009, all of which was very 'underhanded'.

Update : 16/06/11. Received one cheque on 14/06/11, and the other cheque on 15/06/11, each accompanied by a letter of apology. Thank you for that.

So, just how many claimants have been put off from continuing with their claim because the RMG insisted on proof of purchase for used and s/h items ? I warned them in 2009 when they first tried it with me, without success, and it surprises me they are still doing it. It is neither honest or transparent and it serves only to  benefit the RMG and not it's customers.



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