Open Letter To BT Broadband

Open Letter To BT Broadband

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3rd email

Dear Sir/Madam

I was given the impression, falsely perhaps, that the BT Network Upgrade during March 2010 would give me an increase in my Broadband speed following that upgrade.

Your email of 17th June 2010 makes it quite clear that my current Broadband speed is up to 8Mb only, the same as the ISP I left last year, and that if I want up to 14.0Mb, possibly 9Mb in real terms, this will only be possible if I sign up to a new 12 month contract. I will never therefore receive close to 20Mb Broadband speed until further contracts are renewed.

Do you not think it somewhat dishonest and underhanded to keep selling the notion you are 'rolling' out up to 20Mb when in fact you are trickling it out so you can hold customers to contracts again and again. Is it not dishonest to suggest that upgrade is "Free" when it most certainly is not and involves future payments and a new one year contract.

A contract with a heavy financial penalty if a customers discovers he/she is not going to get what he/she thought they were going to get and wants to end that contract within that 12 month contractual period.

With regard to my current contract with you would you please advise me in writing 30 days before that contract is due to expire.

Since I have not yet received a single reply from you since my first email, and risk entering into a new contract in ignorance, I will post this letter on my website and internet until as such time as you address my concerns.

It's good to talk.

Yours faithfully

G R McLaughlin


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