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18 December 2017, Xmas Special, I today also report a 1 Bed 1st Floor Flat at Timber Close, Homechoice Ref: 28365, is currently being advertised with a Closing date of 18/12/2017.

Because there are only 16 Flats at Timber Close owned by Sanctuary Housing, I believe this Flat is the same 1st Floor Flat advertised between 31 August to 04 September 2017, Homechoice Ref: 27363, which has still yet to be up-dated on Cornwall Council's website for "Recent Lets" and in the public interest. One can only assume Flat: 27363 has remained empty since September despite some activity.

I believe this 1st Floor Flat is used for short and temporary lets for Cornwall Council’s "Certain Types", meaning Homechoice bidders are being unlawfully deceived into bidding for a Flat that has already been covertly ring-fenced and allocated.

The advertised rent for Flat Ref: 28365 is £89.36 per week which is an increase of £5.48 more a week than for Flat Ref: 27363, and £23.94 more a week than the rent for my 1st Floor Flat next door. A bizarre increase considering the Rent and Eligible Service Charge for all the Timber Close Flats for the 2017 - 2018 period began after consultation on 03 July 2017.

So what makes this empty Homechoice 1st Floor Flat worth £95.76 more a month than my 1st Floor Flat? I believe the answer lies with the Flat being furnished and equipped, which would preclude most Homechoice bidders, and the increase of £5.48 a week since September is for some additional service/s.

That Sanctuary Housing and Cornwall Council are continuing to break the law by covertly ring-fencing Homechoice properties and deceive Homechoice bidders.

Some of you may feel it is nice that Sanctuary Housing and Cornwall Council are helping individual cases but I would only say that it should never be at the expense of breaking the law or deceiving others.
Unfortunately, Cornwall Council's corrupt bought and paid for Police Force is unlikely to investigate this lawlessness or protect the public interest.

Perhaps Cornwall Councillor Andrew Mitchell - Portfolio holder for Housing, Social Housing, Homelessness and Welfare Reform, will enlighten us so I will ask him.

Hopefully, he will be more helpful than the previous housing portfolio holder Lib Dem Councillor Joyce Mitchell Duffin, who when presented with a similar problem involving the Council and Sanctuary Housing became willfuly deaf, dumb and blind.

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