Greater Manchester Police Fined £150,000

Greater Manchester Police Fined £150,000

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 Blog posted 05 May 2017

                  Greater Manchester Police fined £150,000.

Saw this Tweet on Twitter on 05 May 2017 from the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) regarding compensation after victim interview videos go missing.

It only served to remind me of the complicity and double standards by the ICO in my case.

In 2015 I was falsely accused of a crime by Devon & Cornwall Police, arrested and charged after being fitted up and later attended a guilty only plea court. The complaints were brought by the Cornwall Partnership NHS Foundation Trust for Cornwall Council, and out of public funds, to stop me engaging in free speech on the internet and social media and continuing to expose criminality by the Council and the Trust.

Having requested all the data that I was entitled to receive from the D&C Police Data Protection Unit and paid a fee the Unit broke the law in not providing me all the data I was entitled to receive within the specified time. In fact it took some 6 months and I have still not received everything I am entitled to receive under the Act.

The information I am entitled to receive under the Act are the parts of the recorded interview evidence that were edited by D&C Police and consisted of incriminating evidence against Cornwall Council and the Trust and certain comments made by the arresting/interview and charging PS 16259 Innes Dowlen.

Although an official complaint was lodged with the ICO, the ICO closed the complaint prematurely and before I had received all the information I was entitled to receive under the Act. That the ICO is complicit and party to a conspiracy to pervert the course of justice.

Public advocate ? I think not.

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