ASDA, Sorry we missed you.

ASDA, Sorry we missed you.

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                                "SORRY WE MISSED YOU"

So what happens when an ASDA Home Delivery goes wrong ? 

26 February 2017 : "Hello Shaun. Following the missed delivery on Friday I immediately made a number of phone calls that afternoon, about 7 I believe, and spent a lot of time being placed on hold. The operative on the 0800 number hung up on me because he could not tell me when I would get my order redelivered. I did phone the local branch, Asda St Austell, a number of times and their Customer Services did try to connect me to their home delivery department without success. I did get the home delivery department on one occasion and could hear people working but no one would answer the phone.

Whilst I freely admit I caused the problem in not being at home to take the delivery in due to an emergency, the time and frustration I have spent trying to get my order redelivered is ridiculous in this day and age and not helped by those unhelpful and dysfunctional Customer Services personal including those on Twitter."

Up-date : 27 February 2017. It is now 3 days since Asda Customer Services has had a number of opportunities to help me re-arrange a delivery or a refund, less delivery charge. Since contacting Shaun of ASDA yesterday in reply to his DM on Twitter I have received not even a confirmation.

"It is not my intention to waste anymore of my time and money phoning ASDA so I suggest you sort this out before it becomes an even bigger embarrassment for ASDA Customer Services. I did atleast get through to ASDA St Austell Home Delivery on Friday and despite them failing to answer the phone ASDA Customer Services has not even bothered over 3 days."

Received a DM on Twitter from a Clare from ASDA on 27th February. I quote :

"Hi Geoffrey. Thanks for sending though the link. I understand you don't want to spend any more time/money phoning Asda but can you confirm what was said by the St Austell store? Were they able to rearrange delivery? Clare".

In reply that day I stated :

"Hello Clare, I have already answered this question. I repeat, when the chap on the 0800 952 6060 hung up on me I phoned the local St Austell ASDA branch at least 6 times afterwards that afternoon and spoke to Customer Services each time. Most could not get anyone from the home delivery department to respond, one tried and took my details having also been unsuccessful, and one got me through to the home delivery department but no one would pick the phone up despite me being able to listen to them working. I did my best to get my order re-delivered because I needed the items for the weekend. Fat chance. I am still willing to accept the order.".

It is now 1st March and I have still not yet received confirmation from Clare on behalf of ASDA.

Because atleast 10 ASDA Customer Services representatives have had since Friday 24/02/2017 to help me get my order I no longer consider ASDA's input as being acceptable or reasonable and I will no longer wait any longer unless I receive a full apology and explanation.

Received Twitter DM on 01/03/2017 from ASDA. "Hi there, I apologise profusely on behalf of Asda for the cancelled order. Unfortunately as this has been cancelled you would need to re-order and the funds form the original order will drop back into your account once they have cleared with your bank. I would be happy to offer you a £15 evoucher as a gesture of goodwill to use on future orders. Please let us know if you would like this adding. Kind regards, Ben.".

In reply the following day I stated "Hello Ben, I will place a new order for the items I still need later today. Your kind offer of an evoucher as a gesture of goodwill is welcome and accepted. Kind regards, Geoff".

Having placed a new order on 02/03/2017 I was disappointed then to discover the "gesture of goodwill" was not all it seemed and prompted the following response :

"Hello again. I have just placed an order to get the items ordered last week and more. I regret your offer of an evoucher was not in in fact a good will gesture but was conditional on me spending more than I have ever spent on a single order outside of the xmas period. Not very clever was it."

Given how badly ASDA Customer Services performed and frustrated my every attempt to get my original order rearranged and redelivered, ASDA simply added insult to injury. I will be using ASDA a lot less in future if at all.

In fairness to ASDA it did honour the goodwill gesture the day after I placed an order to replace the items which it cancelled days earlier. This blog will remain but it will not be posted on social media again.

Why it takes ASDA between 24 to 48 hours before Customer Services can respond to issues on the internet is beyond my comprehension in this day and age and is very frustrating for customers.





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