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 Blog posted 10 February 2017.


Imagine you live in a community where those that govern can have you falsely arrested 

Where they can arrange who will defend you 

Where you will be tricked into giving a false confession and bailed to attend a guilty only plea Court 

Where the recorded interview will be edited to exclude incriminating evidence against those who had you arrested 

Where those defending you will discard most of your evidence and leave you defenceless


Where evidence will be withheld until months after Trial to deny you a fair Trial








                           Welcome to Cornwall


Participants : A corrupt Cornwall Council, NHS Foundation Trust, Devon & Cornwall Police Force and Data Protection Unit, Coodes Solicitors, DSCC and Criminal Prosecution Service (CPS) etc..

It remains unknown if Bodmin Magistrates were party to what went on in their court rooms

Cover-ups by Chief Constable Shaun Sawyer, Police & Crime Commissioner Alison Hernandez and former Commissioner Tony Hogg. Cornish MPs and Councillors and a number of government departments. The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC).


Footnote : I was falsely arrested 3 years earlier by the same police force again for Cornwall Council and which involved the Council's corrupt housing partner Sanctuary Housing. This resulted in 4 police officers being reprimanded by the IPCC. This involved a white-wash by the force Professional Standards Department (PSD) and a cover-up by the IPCC to limit the damage by not investigating more serious allegations and evidence.

The reason why D&C Police, an outside Police Force or the IPCC cannot investigate my formal complaints of 2016 against D&C Police and Chief Constable Sawyer relates to this earlier false arrest, various conflicts of interest and because all have perverted the course of justice in some way.

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