Reply to Cllr Joyce Duffin, Cornwall Council.

Reply to Cllr Joyce Duffin, Cornwall Council.

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Blog posted 21 January 2017


Comment in reply to 'Cornwall Live' article on Cosgarne Hall, Truro Road, dated 21 January 2017.


"Perhaps Cllr Joyce Duffin and Cornwall Council would like to finally come clean about the covert and unlawful toxic community created by the Council's corrupt housing partner Sanctuary Housing for the Council's 'certain types' by unlawfully ring-fencing Cornwall Homechoice advertised properties using deception. A practice that has gone on certainly since 2009 when the Council became a unitary authority. The 'certain types' dumped at Timber Close near Truro Road were almost the same as those to be found at Cosgarne Hall. In fact a lot of residents from the Hall stayed at Timber Close up until the Council 'detoxified' the community. The Council, MPs and the Police have known about this for years because that's how long I have been exposing it on social media and falsely being arrested for it.", unquote.

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