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 23 August 2016

Dear Ebay. I emptied my shop some time ago in order to close it having settled all fees eBay was owed. When I then tried to close the shop/account eBay would not let me because I had made a recent payment and said I would have to wait 30 days before I could close my shop/account. Although the shop remained empty I again incurred fees from eBay recently for £17.38 which I believe should not have happened because the shop was empty and there were no sales. Having just reluctantly paid £17.38 again I have again been told I cannot close my shop/account for another 30 days because of today's payment which means eBay will be billing me again next month, within the 30 days, for another £17.38 and which eBay can continue to do indefinately which is neither fair, honest or lawful. Ebay is owed nothing so please close my shop/account immediately and reimburse me what you were not entitled to demand. When I have gone through the proper process to 'cancel Subscription' all I get is an 'Invalid Request' page presumably because a payment has been paid within the last 30 days. kernowmac

Update 29 August 2016 : eBay emailed me earlier today and finally agreed to close my shop/account on 1 September. I regret eBay's decision not to reimburse me for the money I lost because eBay would not let me close my empty shop/account over a month ago. I also regret eBay insultingly referring to me as Phil rather than Geoff, as in Geoff's Cameras, really good customer service eBay - NOT. I will continue trying to get my money back as I consider it a matter of theft. 

For a Power Seller with 6905 feedbacks I think I have been treated with nothing but contempt and that I am owed £17.38 for the period eBay would not let me close my empty shop.

Update 17 September 2016 : Despite finally receiving notification on 29 August 2016 from eBay advising me the empty shop will be closed on 01 September 2016, I noticed tonight the closed and empty shop now shows a "Current Balance" of £8.97 meaning that eBay intends stealing even more money on top of the £17.38 it still owes me for not letting me close my empty shop the last period because of its 30 day clause/con.

Update 19 September 2016 : Received an Invoice today for the period from 16 August 2016 through 15 September 2016 for £8.97 with no explanation because the Invoice cannot be read due to an "Internal error". I suspect the error being eBay does not want be seen stealing yet more money from an empty shop that should have been closed some time ago.

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