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Blog entered 28 October 2014

The following is a copy of an email sent to Julie Dawson, Chief Operating Officer, Cornwall Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, regarding the decision by the Trust not to provide me with any information about a Trust employee, under the Freedom Of Information Act. The email to Julie Dawson was dated 25 September 2014. Although the Trust had 20 days to review it's decision the time expired without comment.

The email dated 28 October 2014, following the above, is my response to the Trust not reviewing it's earlier decision. 


Dear Ms Dawson

I am dissatisfied with the reply from the Trust so request a review.

I think it outrageous and disturbing that both the Trust and CEO Phillip Confue have refused to clarify the job description of this employee.

According to Cornwall Council he was a "Community Psychiatric Nurse, Cornwall Partnership NHS Foundation Trust". According to a recent explanation offered to the Parliamentary Health Service Ombudsman by the Trust he was a lesser "Support Worker". Mr Confue has since declined to clarify which is more accurate in the interest of transparency.

This concerning the Trust employee's qualifications when he was a paid representative of the NHS Trust on a Cornwall Council Welfare Assessment Panel in 2012, and who I allege was negligent. The Trust has taken the view the Trust employee was protected by a locally agreed Policy of collective responsibility but which has no legal standing and, as a Policy, could be disregarded as was Policy 23.7, which he should have attended and which led the Council to remark "Need information from Mental Health Professional re Mrs McL condition". The "Mrs McL" in question, Mrs Alison McLaughlin, was my wife and died of Sepsis, and neglect of care whilst under the umbrella of the Trust, within a year.

According to the Information Commissioner's Office I believe the Trust has 20 days to reply to my request. The Commissioner is presently involved in investigating a FOI request made to Cornwall Council which also went to review but which ran out of time, hence my delay responding to the Trust.

The Trust hiding behind Cornwall Council Policy will prove to be not only perverse but unlawful.

Yours sincerely

G R McLaughlin


28 October 2014


Dear Ms Dawson

I write further to my email of 25 September 2014, which requested Cornwall Partnership NHS Foundation Trust review it's decision not to provide clarification of the job title of Trust employee (cannot be named for legal reasons) on 16 October 2012, under the Freedom of Information Act.

I regret the Trust has not responded to my request within the 20 day period and I will now report the matter to the Information Commissioner.

As the Chief Operating Officer - FOI, you will recall I requested the FOI to clarify if (cannot be named for legal reasons) was a qualified Community Psychiatric Nurse on 16 October 2012, according to Cornwall Council, or a 'support worker' according to the Trust in a recent explanation to the Parliamentary Health Service Ombudsman.

I would like it to go on record that I do not believe (cannot be named for legal reasons) should be trusted with the health and wellbeing of those with mental illness and will again perversely put his career prospects before those who are mentally ill and in need of help, support and protection.

That the Trust's perverse willingness to protect Cornwall Council and vice versa will only lead to further cases of abuse, neglect and discrimination to those with mental illness.

As you are aware I lodged an official complaint of negligence against (cannot be named for legal reasons) with the Trust late last year and Cornwall Council advised the Trust to close that complaint in order to better protect itself, the Trust and (cannot be named for legal reasons), which the Trust legal department was happy to go along with.

The Trust duly responded and closed that official complaint knowing I did not have the funds to consider legal action, that I was still in mourning following the death of my wife in 2013, and that I could not stop the Trust and Cornwall Council stonewalling and frustrating my attempts to call (cannot be named for legal reasons), the Trust and Cornwall Council to account over the rigged Homechoice Welfare Priority Assessments in 2012.

As a result I have been left with little choice but to conduct a more public campaign against (cannot be named for legal reasons), CEO Phillip Confue for the Trust, and Cornwall Council to provoke them into taking legal action against me to resolve outstanding issues and obtain justice.

My late wife, who suffered long term mental disorder, was neglected, abused and abandoned and it will not be covered-up.

This will be printed on the internet and linked to social media sites and I advise you to inform your legal department.

I will wager it will do nothing other than dismiss the above and threaten the potential of legal action for defamation, as Cornwall Council has recently done, with no intention of doing so because that would involve scrutiny and would be like turkeys voting for Christmas, to quote the late David Penhaligon.

Yours sincerely


G R McLaughlin

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