The following five tracks, five of thirteen, were recorded over a two hour practice session on Wednesday 13th December 2006, in Cornwall. All were instrumentals and a mixture of Blues, Rock and Jazz Fusion. The recordings were crudely done on a small rough and ready tape recorder. Apart from signature passages the remainder of the lead guitar work was spontaneous and an honest account of how I felt on that particular day. As with all improvisation work what you hear is what you get, warts and all. The guitar I used was a Gibson Les Paul Standard, what else would give me that level of sustain, through a Marshall MG Series Combo.
A CD was produced and sold inexpensively to fund another one of my 'Support Life & Live Music Events' in honour of my younger brother Chris who died in 2004 . The proceeds of the CD funded a third event which raised funds for the Cats Protection Organisation who kindly found new homes for Chris's two cats. Previous events being for Cancer Research and the Air Ambulance. I take this opportunity to thank all the friends and performers who have helped me 'do something' through the generosity of their free time and commitment.
There are no plans to do another 'Support Life & Live Music Event' at the moment though I do still hanker to play guitar outdoors so who knows.
Please feel free to download any or all of the tracks for your personal use if you hear or feel something you like. Please respect the copyright which remains with me. Also feel free to comment on this or anything else on the site if you wish.


Still Got the B - 6:15


Cold Feeling - 5:27


Everything - 4:42


Crikey - 5.11


Wah Factor Fusion - 3:12